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Florence Welch considers family projects | Entertainment and celebrity news

Florence Welch is “haunted” by her desire to have children.

The 35-year-old singer – who is in a relationship but has not revealed the identity of her boyfriend – doesn’t think her life is fit for raising a family, but she can’t stop the cravings that are ‘rising’ on she.

She said: “There was a song that didn’t quite make it to the album that had the line: ‘The creep of domesticity, it horrifies me and calls me out at the same time.

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“Even with all my logic that my life in many ways is probably not child friendly, it wins me despite myself. Almost haunted me.

The ‘Hunger’ singer rushed to work on her next album ‘Disco Fever’ as soon as her support tour for 2018’s ‘High As Hope’ album ended, as she was aware of her ‘other desires “.

She told British magazine Vogue: “[I was aware of the] rumble of panic that your time to start a family could suddenly [disappear].

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“I had this drive under me and I was like these songs want to come out, I have to get them out fast, because I have other desires…

“What I’ve always been sure of is my job, but I’m starting to feel this shift in priorities, this feeling of sympathy, maybe I want something different.”

But Florence is “scared” at the idea of ​​giving up control to be a mother.

She said, “I think I’m scared. It seems like the bravest thing in the world to have children.

“It’s the ultimate measure of faith and letting go of control.

“I want to have a child and let that amount of love in…I’ve spent my life trying to run away from those big feelings. I think I had a stuffy emotional immaturity just because I was in substance abuse and eating disorders for years.