Most of the people that frequent the market are quite poor and unused to foreigners or photographers, so if your aim is to blend in; wear long, loose-fitting clothing and leave flashy jewellery and phones at home. RSS facebook twitter instagram. It was built by the Turkish minister Sanan Pasha, of Albanian origin, in I succumbed to the temptation and bought one for LE which I thought was really a good bargain!! Off the Nile Corniche at the 15th May juncture in Bulaq. I start snapping photos the moment I walk into the mosque. This is Egypt … everyone wants to be able to drink tea whenever they please. Egypt Red Sea attractions Tour Egypt.

Promising hand-picked, pre-loved furniture and home accessories, House of Vintage flings open its rustic doors in Dreamland this weekend. There is a big building facing us with an old blue sign hidden behind a huge clothes stand with the name of the street: Family Life Abroad , the expat’s place for informative, often humorous articles by experienced expatriates on every aspect of moving to and living in foreign countries. To the left is El Ahmadein Street, one of the main streets of the market. What newspaper do I work for? There is no marble, no balcony and no colorful glass. Even if you find something you like, you still have to check out more than one store, for two reasons; firstly, you may find something you like better at the second or third store — humans are indecisive by nature.

From March 14 th onwards.

Salah claims the street behind us used to be connected to the Nile and prisoners would be brought on ships for execution via underground waterways. Best time to go is in the morning around 11 o’clock or early evening when its cooler. We turn right on El Ahmadein Street and make a path for ourselves in the midst of shoppers, clothes stands and toktoks. On every other Wejalet, Zamalek may shower itself in the unique treats.


A food court will serve fresh Tunisian and Moroccan tagins and homemade beauty and kitchen products are on sale, alongside local folm and produce. I sit with the year-old Salah on a warm Friday afternoon in front of his apartment building right in the heart of what is commonly known as El Wekala, as he tells weekalet childhood stories about growing up in the area.

To the left is El Ahmadein Street, one of the main streets of the market. View my complete profile.

There are no comments on this article. Wednesday February 27, Being an amazing storyteller, however, Salah is able to distract the sheikh and Fawzy waves me outside the room to sneak out and steal some shots.

A Walkabout Around Cairo’s Boulaq District

My experiences of living in and discovering Egypt. Salah, Hegazi miss national team camp.

Inside it is round and cozy. This is because these people used to find all that they wanted in one place and with gilm prices. A friend of his, who is also in the metal business, built a wall to hide the execution room from government inspections because he wanted to use it for storage, Salah adds with a flourish.

We walk past all the three mosques on the way back, in the dark.

فيلم وكالة البلح – Wekalet El Balah Movie

Boulak Abu Al Ela is the fabric market, which is a part of a larger market called Wekalat Al-Balah on the banks of Nilethough the two are used interchangeably. Mostafa Jurbagy Merza was a Turkish prince who rebuilt the mosque in after a flood destroyed it in Again, a shrewd eye is needed to rework these items into tops, skirts, or to use the lace hems to accessorise other items. The only fact we glean is that this mosque used to be a court as well.

There is a big building facing us with an old blue sign hidden behind a huge clothes stand with the name of the street: There are also numerous shops selling all varieties of dress fabric — cotton, silk to synthetic and in vibrant hues.


Egypt to construct first high-speed railway within 30 months Sat, Jan. A little ahead were a number of stalls in the open, selling carpets and rugs of all hues and in all shapes and sizes.

A Walkabout Around Cairo’s Boulaq District – Egypt Today

We,alet the man cannot tell wekaldt when it happened, Salah reminds him of the snake myth hoping that he could confirm its authenticity. Salah calls on a teenage boy with dark silky hair to make us some tea. I only run back to the room when I hear the sheikh scream that I return.

Firmino doubtful for Watford clash. Salah and I are then led to a simple room in the mosque with a desk, a wooden couch and tea equipment.

This is where seamstresses, costume designers and furniture upholsterers flock to for bargain deals on linens, cottons, tulle and many other fabrics. Goethe Institut Library, When? Manisha Living in Egypt. Fjlm King of Sting: Heavier fabrics start at LE Now I am a traveller, explorer, a wife, and most importantly, a research associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations.

فيلم وكالة البلح – Wekalet El Balah Movie

Once you ask the price and walk away, the shopkeeper will beckon you back with a tempting discount. Spring is in the air and there’s tonnes of markets, fairs and openings to visit.

City Life Featured Article. As I drove back home, I must recommend Baoah to every tourist who visits Cairo. On Sunday, however, the shops and stalls shut, and in their place, hundreds of people deck the pavements with white sheets on which they display their wares.

Lemons, oranges and tangerines—Oh wekaelt