He initially offered the role to Christopher Lambert and Mickey Rourke and even considered himself for the role until someone suggested Jean-Marc Barr. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This article needs additional citations for verification. Jacques’ best friends are a family of playful porpoises and Enzo Molinari, his swaggering Italian diving rival. Blu-ray bundles with The Big Blue 1 bundle. By the s, both are well known freedivers , swimmers who can remain underwater for great times and at great depths. Jacques – himself suffering from cardiac arrest after the dive – is rescued and brought back to the surface by supervising scuba divers and requires his heart to be restarted with a defibrillator before being placed in medical quarters to recover. Blu-ray rating Video 0.

Retrieved 9 January A Star Is Born. Select category Add custom category Go. In real life, the two were indeed champions and contemporaries. Best Blu-ray Movie Deals. She and Jacques fall in love.

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However, they did not directly compete, neither reached feet, and neither died while diving. Price Maggicka not available: This version was only available on VHS and Laserdisc in the United States both with 4×3 pan and scan transfers and is currently lhubina of print.

Johana, who has just discovered she is pregnant, returns to check up on Jacques in the middle of the night, but finds him lying awake yet unresponsive in his bed with bloody ears and a bloody nose.

This web site is not affiliated with the Blu-ray Disc Association. Enzo Jean Reno is on Maglcka now, where he rescues a trapped diver from a shipwreck. A Star Is Born. If Beale Street Could Talk. Mayol was indeed involved in scientific research into human aquatic potential, and was fascinated by dolphins, and was recorded as having a heartbeat that slowed from 60 to 27 beats per minute when diving.

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Enzo challenges Jacques to collect a coin on the sea floor but Jacques refuses. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to The Big Blue in the search box below.

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Best Blu-ray Movie Deals. Jacques and Enzo grew up together in the Mediterranean, and remain lifelong friends despite a fierce hlkbina for the top hlhbina in the world free diving championships, where divers compete to see who can descend to the furthest depths of the sea with no equipment other than their own courage and determination. Much of the film was shot on the Greek island of Amorgoswhere Agia Anna and the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa can be seen.

The director later released a longer director’s cut on DVDfeaturing the original ending and an extended version of the Serra score. The Big Blue hlubinna the most financially successful French film of the s, selling 9, tickets in France alone, and played in French theaters for a year. FRF 80 million [1] est. Retrieved 9 January He entered politics in the s, and became a member of the Italian Senate for a time.

This page was last edited on 17 Februaryat The American version was recut to include a simplified “happy” ending, and Serra’s score was replaced with a soundtrack composed by Bill Conti. Besson has a cameo appearance as one of the divers in the film. In the American adaptation, the ending is extended with an additional scene: The depths at which the divers are competing enter new territory and the dive doctor suggests they should cease competing, but the divers decide to continue.

The original ending was intentionally ambiguous [ citation needed ]though considering the magivka Jacques has swum to, it would seem he is unlikely to regain the surface alive, and he dies.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In real life, the two were indeed champions and contemporaries.

Insurance broker Johana Baker Rosanna Arquette visits the station for work purposes and is introduced to Jacques. This was later corrected and the second release contained a LPCM 2. Jacques himself Jean-Marc Barr works extensively with scientific research as a human research subjectand with dolphins, and is temporarily participating in research into human physiology in the iced-over lakes of the Peruvian Andeswhere his remarkable and dolphin-like bodily responses to cold water immersion are being recorded.

He initially offered the role to Christopher Lambert and Mickey Rourke and even considered himself for the role until someone suggested Jean-Marc Barr.

The film was screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Jacques beats Enzo by 1 meter, and Enzo offers him a crystal dolphin as a gift, and a tape measure to show the small difference between Jacques’ and Enzo’s records.


Johana goes back home to New York but is fired after her deception is discovered; she leaves New Dilm and begins to live with Jacques.

Mayol himself was a screenwriter for the film, [4] and Mayol’s search for love, family, “wholeness” and the meaning of life and death, and the conflict and tension between his yearning for the deep, and his relationship with his girlfriend, also form part of the backdrop for the latter part of the film. By the s, both are well known freediversswimmers who can remain hlubona for great times and at great depths. Into the Spider-Verse 4K. She secretly falls in love with him.

While popular in Europethe film was a commercial failure in North America. Retrieved from ” https: A Blu-ray version containing both the extended and theatrical versions was released on September 14, in the United Kingdom, but this contains French-dubbed versions of both cuts, rather than the original English language. For many years, he resisted public showing of the film in Italy, as he considered it to caricature him poorly; after Mayol’s death inhe relented and accepted the showing of the film.

Blu-ray bundles with The Fipm Blue 1 bundle. Drama Foreign Romance Adventure. The Magicak of the Rings: Jacques is asked to look at a local dolphinarium where a new dolphin has been placed, and where the dolphins are no longer performing; surmising that the new dolphin is homesick, the three of them break in at night to liberate the dolphin and transport her to the sea again.

Dragon Ball Super The Movie: This article is about the film. When she hears that Jacques will be at the World Diving Championships in TaorminaSicily, she fabricates an insurance problem that requires her presence there, in order to meet him again.

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The First Avenger 4K. Please mxgicka improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Enzo, dying, tells Jacques that he was right and that it is better down there, and begs Jacques to help him back down to the depths, where he belongs.

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