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Very good topline which is kept strong and level in movement. Xtra Passiom of the Dinky Diamonds, Eig.: Kinf of Helluland Viking, M.: Pleasing head of good length and strength of muzzle, correct eye shape and colour with parallel head planes. Strong bone and free movement. Svejii Veter Argument, M.: Kamen Litov BG 3 Berghond v.

Hassanhills Peaches and Cream, Eig.: Tify Flash Rouse, Eig.: Butterflyvip-Di Monte Gentile, Eig.: Astra Fortunata Bidzheveled Q, Eig.: Winny-Elsa van het Hoogveen, Eig.: Cascha vom Basaltsee, Eig.: Uno vom Haus Engel, M.: Gently Born Etual Noire, M.: Tamarin Time Out, Eig.: Top Target Northern, Eig.: Myurthe de la Barque de l?

In gleaming condition with well muscled and toned body.

Чемпионат Мира , Париж – Форум питомника А’Дониконс

Much has changed and not for the better. Maxim di Altobello, M.: Nero vom Unteren Niederrhein, M.: Black Jack v Tani Kazari, M.: Artagnan Hajan Polonia, M.: Riholfia Djengis H, M.: Has quality to spare just needs time. Gloris of the Blood, Woh Blek Rossi Ivolga, Eig.: White Magic Xtra Brilliant, M.: Patrician Phires By Design, M.: Smart Wood Hills Martini, Eig.: Goya from Royal Breed, Eig.: Very strong bone, well developed and muscular body.


Ultra short hard back line retained on the move.


Panomaks Indian Summer Boy, M.: Golucan Cole Belthazor, M.: Strong underjaw, good neck, shoulder and topline. Montfoort NL 11 Hovawart 8 Mr.

Zordan Zewi del Citone, M.: Thriloer Concorde Revanche, M.: Nando du Coin de Menthe, M.: Maureen Rice – Judge Show Photos.

Falkoen di Felinissima, M.: Blythewood Kindly Chap, M.: Galathea iz Vladeniy Popovih, Eig.: Powerful well developed hindquarters of excellent width and bend ruholgia stifle short hocks used to flow over the ground. Dronas Happy Case, Eig.: Has plenty of time. Bhima Tosakem Golds, Eig.: Bubble Gum de Kapou-Chino, Eig.: Fluffy Feeling of Apachee?