Do you still have that ring? The day you left your home, the wraiths arrived on Earth. But why do you ask it? All I want is you, to tell them everything about it. He promised me, to marry me when we grow up. I need that minute when he fails, then maybe I can defeat him. Could you give me some? There is no way out for you!

Give me a minute. Bolla Attila and Harczi Bence. Did you used your ability 24 hours ago? Every ring has its own ability. They are shooting us!! I would like to ask you something.

All I want is you, to tell them everything about it.

Hope the gate will save our lives! He will stuck in that timeline and can’t get back to his original. We are in a safe place here.

We knew about one timeshifter, but after he wanted to go back to the jurrasic age, he never returned. Zoli and I fhave found a russian book. I am faster than him. I did not hear the alarm clock. It makes me able to shift. You need all plasma to keep wraiths away from your cities, but americans want it also to use it againts the wraiths too. Zoli will take care of it! Give it to me and you might be released in one piece. We need to get it!


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Give me your ring to help him! When I help you to find soemthing on the internet, what I get? My special magyaeul is that in every 1 minute I can shift backward seconds. I travelled to the feudal Japan where I learnt about martial arts and how to use swords as you can see this ring is very useful.

Is there any way to get back those memories? Until everybody got killed by wraihts.

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With my key of course. An earthquake or whatever? It helped you to remember.

More rings mean more magyaryl. He will be able to shift the time in a couple of seconds. Attila seems strong and smart enough to become the next timeshifter. They took my best friend, Ivan! BUT we are in the future right now.

How could he figure this password out? I am sure that you will turn against them as soon as i give you the ring! We should leave before the others come! Bolla Attila and Harczi Bence. All I know there is thix box and I have to take it to an exact location. He can come back with his ring, so it’s not a problem. My Olga is loaded with this plasma – It’s deadly fro humans, so i kill americans with it. But why do you ask it? Bence shut up and see if somebody comes.


You break in my house and asking me about my wife. And who are you?? He said, the box influences the faith of the world.

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You will never leave me alone! What is your favourite food? So can we go? When do you finish at work?

Oh yes the box with the 3 rings. I feel like we met a minute ago. What are you doing?? I can recall timeshifting and timegates. Tell me, is that true, what Zoli said about you?