Thanks for the recap, don’t get bore I’ll say it every week: I think it’ll be the eclipse too. If we follow the rule on reincarnation or recurring incidents in the past, would’ve this detail been identical too? Ga-young moves back into her old living quarters, looking over new kitchenware with a huge grin. Korean hoping for a solid 2nd episode! My heart actually kind of broke for her after he said that.. Jae-hyuk smirks in victory.

Sorry, this content is not available in your region. I remember my days at mysoju We never knew he was dreaming about the sister in-law until now I just can’t imagine that. Oh well, I’ll just have to watch it again subbed He, you know, respects boundaries. The team is always working on ways to get more content up on Viki. That shocks Jae-hyuk who asks if she met with his father.

So Ji-an is split between her value to be filial to her parents while making the best conscious decision for herself and the growing life inside of her. This is where Ga-young comes in, in my opinion. Your tea or not? Notify me of new comments via email. He wants to simply be a man, a man who can get closer to Eun Seol.

Eun Seol releases Na Yoon and walks away. I actually believe that Yi Gak will return to the past with all kinng F3 but then he comes back to future again to be with Park Ha. Although the answer was to be expected, Jae-hyuk looks thoroughly unnerved and rises. Kim June 23, at 6: I can’t stop looking at his neck.


Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap

As any non-virgin could tell you, you kinda hold your first in a higher regard especially during those first few rose tinted months. Who knows, but I usually have a good feeling from the get go when characters live or die.

And I only watched her 3 projects so far including JOJ. I should have watch more sageuks to brush up the sageuk-speak. Raine, Sorry I took fashiln lot of space for the post below.

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 6 Recap

His constant dropping in without notice and disregarding her will, however, is an encroachment and needs to stop or at least change drastically if he is to have any hope of being with her. But her visit to the doctor was annoying. That is how he wants to be — free of all the expectations to be perfect. None of the four behave in ways that I have ever seen in a K-drama, going instead on being completely forthright with each other.

[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 6 | K-POP! rage

Jang Hyun goes to see Minister Jo to get Ok Jung back and finds out that Minister Jo wants to keep her and develop her talents elsewhere. We are getting closer to the big questions and I can’t wait to stop theorizing and finally knowing.

I’m scared the ending will be like the jdrama JIN in which he returns to the past and she remains in the future opposite in JIN but you get what I mean and they just For working so hard to get her back, Jae Hyuk seems very good at making Anna angry. Young-gul, you hustling, betraying rat. They know all the army officials will be at the party except for Minister Kim. She supposes that his father told him the truth. Here we recap and discuss episode 6 of Fashion King.


Occasionally we see glimmers of a softer side, but she is always soooo mean to Tae Kang that it’s hard to believe he would fall for her. I think and feel the same. I am once again incurably addicted to a Kdrama. And let me just say eeeeeeee!

However, thumbs up for everything for this show. I’m kinng Yuri’s appearance will give the ratings quite a boost though. Se-na from her first husband, and Park-ha from the second. What a peculiar girl, and how amoral too!

The Minister invites Lee Soon to a party held at his estate. He is older and ming, even though she soooo needs a father figure right now, and he sooo needs a woman to click with him, to make him fall over heels, while NaRi is too superficial and self centered.

Fashion King I didn’t particularly watch, but I saw also complaints about bad writing. Thank you once again for the recap of Ep. Like Dramacrqzy Jang looking for her girl. Can you imagine if JA and TK would marry? And it makes their brief tender moments together that much more sweet. YC music fan April 26, at