The younger one – I just can’t figure out what the hell she is doing on this earth. I was actually dreading the angst until this episode, because I care about the characters so much that I didn’t want to see them experience heartbreak. I think his way of approaching the truth wasn’t great, but at least he tried. If I want to keep her, my only hope of doing so is coming clean. I feel like she would have given him a chance to tell her the whole truth. One of the workers then comes in and says that at reporter is here to see him.

Okay I just have to join the queue for marrying SIG’s booty. I think this show did the exact opposite of “romanticize” the attack. Please enter the character as shown in the image above. I really believe that he wanted to tell her the truth in that scene and he would have done so the next chance he had when they were alone. He can just go up to Mr. Also I’m pretty sure Min-Sook told her he only had one hyung so he might not be able to suddenly say he’s the director’s younger brother.

Anyone know the name of that song during the scene at the karaoke? Whodathunk that Yuri would have more speaking lines than YG? Ga-young, you design thief. He opens his arms for the cheesiest goodbye hug ever, then runs to check on his friend.

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I think she has paid the debt she owes him many times over. Shin Seung Hwan Supporting Cast. He goes to get some coffee, only to interrupt Dae-han and Yoon-ju in the middle of some serious smooching.


OhSoEnthusiastic July 21, at 7: I really hope his character pulls through and ends up in a likable place- rock bottom does not equal lost cause. No one likes door matts that smirk. Then he bursts inside, goes after Min-seok, and catches him flush in the jaw.

You are spot on. Oh, Team Leader Kim….

They duck out quickly, and Min-seok pulls a pretty slick move to pay with his credit card from around the corner. After watching this episode, Fashion King is well on its way to being just as terrible. Watch ‘ Fashion King ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

Holy hell, this show is the best ever and it slayed me dead with emotions this episode. Actually, his facial expressions from the time she stated she would tell him everything, were so full of mixed emotions,; it just got to me. Then, as fate or a meddling writer would have it, they run into Tae-seok and Duk-hwan walking in the opposite direction.

I just don’t get it Kim Il Woo Supporting Cast. Dae Han was super adorable, and I just adore his character progression, and knew their was a reason why epi 9. Their faces at the end were kinh The younger one – I just can’t figure out what the hell she is doing on this earth. The Dragon tells her to butt out but Young-gul says that Ga-young is the chief designer and vice-president.

epdramma Awesome recap as usual! Someone should really set up an audition for SIG’s wife, I’d be moreeeee than excited to know who could possibly fit the bill. James July 20, at 8: I feel your pain, waiting is so hard.

Fashion King Episode 10

In a random bout of slapstick, he opens the door on her face and she falls over. Notify me of new comments via email. We haven’t even had a fair game to epdramz his heart D: Follow via Twitter Follow thekpoprage. She says he should rpisode the skates, since she gave them as a friend and a fan, and wear them whenever the old pair gives out. Net enter to feel terrible because of the tv series marriage, age of the tv series marriage, my venus episode 1 english sub.


In contrast, Soo Young and Jin Woo have a certain passion flowing through. Also off topic, after watching this episode a few times if I really like an episode I watch it with subs to understand then without subs to concentrate on the facial expressions that I would miss because I was reading the subsit looks like Jin Woo split his pants later in that episode. ALL the good things. An-na is late for a meeting in the mall with the president and a slew of other businessmen.

In the end, this is a drama so there’s no way they’d let the truth be revealed in a more realistic manner. They’ve probably known each other for awhile too.

I too love the Jin Woo character – as a character not as a person. I love that the situations are perfectly constructed to force our characters to fashino, whether they want to or not. A guest has already reported this video using your current IP address. Daddy gives son a little lesson on business: