If you like the guy wouldn’t you atleast kiss back especially for her since she is leaving him. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. The thing about kissing is that you need practice to make it perfect. I think questions are good. I don’t care how foxy LMH is, I would be making that face too if he was in that condition. I can’t just ignore those things lol. Analyzing this drama would just give one a headache.

And to show you how much I appreciated your comment, I actually realized I came up with some more questions, as I rewatched the episode. Such a small world at times , isn’t it? This other thing that I do not understand is that in my three years of participating on this blog, I have NEVER told anyone how they should participate on the blog, or how they should watch or engage when they are watching a Korean programming. I just left you a response below your post higher: Google is your friend, a lot of questions you pose could be found by simply looking for the answers instead of waiting for someone to reply and given them to you. SuziQ November 28, at There are two kinds of commenters on dramaland forums-those who are interested in the drama, and those who are fangirls the SQUEE squads. Faye November 29, at

Some people choose not to watch mindlessly. Young-do leaves the soy milk to her, and she hands them out to Bo-na and Chan-young. If they can’t save her, i don’t know who can! I’m just making a comment about one kiss and you’re being negative as usual.

Ever thought of that? But if that was the case, wouldn’t you kiss back more? Unfortunately one semi-dead fish kiss was not enough to save the episode from total mediocrity. I remember watching “Winter Sonata” not so long ago – arguably the classic drama to have started Hallyu the Korean Wave – and Epsode too thought that the leads looked great together, they always brought in that suspense into the whole drama But this is Kdrama where the innocent childlike heroine gets kissed by the aggressive stalker hot guy.


It’s simply meant that are you out of your mind finally? It’s sad but this drama is turning out to be a parody hrirs every horrible Kdrama ever made.

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Let the dad die via truck or something IHYV style. Fish in Dying Pain describes her acting throughout this series.

The only idols are Krystal and Minhyuk, and they’re [surprisingly] the best part of the show, lol. If u see Chan Young and Yoon as a father and son, aren’t they totally different than our main villain father n hero son or for that matter, Young Do and his judo-father? Now, that was a passionate kiss! I’m still hoping to like the entire show or at least tolerate the cliche-y way it took after all the show build-up and teasing during its promos. If you have the patience to sit through odd episodes of half an hour each, watch Vampire Idol!

Unfortunately, during that period, people believed totally what was printed in the newspaper. It screams trauma to me.

[HD] The Heirs Episode 16 English Subtitled (Subtitles Not Downloadable)

I mean i am not also the best kisser myself or anything like that but atleast i’m not like her. Nice to see you again. So here we go:. She doesn’t really like LMH, she is just with him for the money”.


And by the way, KT just took the passport from her just like a guardian would do. Ivoire November 28, at 9: A much better kiss than the last one, thankfully. Epdrana glad though that you’re dedicated to finish it, “just like a book”. I believe it is their freedom to decide how “mindlessly” or how “engaged” they will be, when watching a programming, whether it be a drama, a variety show, etc They drove up their newspaper circulation with sensationalism and exaggeration of the truth.

Nafiza November 29, at 2: Because when I look back at the show and think about what you said, everything makes a little bit more sense and makes me feel for the show a little more. Ivoire – Just wanted to say thank you for posting your questions. How far have you gone? Zfih November 28, at 8: I too feel that she really doesn’t like LMH. I almost had a heart rhe with his sudden lung at her, like a bird trying to catch a fish. It is always fun and rewarding to see that a few kind souls actually help us in our understanding of the episodes, and of the the drama as whole, be it linguistically, culturally or otherwise.

I appreciate your questions for the show.