The Gray Team finds a clock inside, with the hand pointing to 4, indicating a second penalty. This was a special recap episode, which recapped the events of the season up until now. Add to Watchlist Added. In the second Endurance Mission, the teams must pass along six fishes, then paddle their rafts to the shore, with the first team to do so winning the Teamwork pyramid piece and control of the Samadhi. Continuing from the last episode, J. However, this Samadhi is revealed to allow the winning team to switch two contestants from any two teams, even their own, although they can bestow that responsibility on another team. Max and Jenna, who form the Brown Team and receive the Perseverance piece.

Continuing from the last episode, J. In the Right to Stay Challenge, each contestant must traverse a balance beam, trying to complete five laps as quickly as possible, with the last two girls and boys to finish being eliminated. The teams then compete in a thinking challenge where they must make a triangle while following a dot pattern on them. The teams face their first mission: For more information about the teams and seasons, see main article: As the title suggests, the final three teams must use different shaped pieces to build a pyramid, and the winner receives the Samadhi, the Luck and Commitment pieces left behind by the Green Team, and the option to trade their trip for the Amazon. Roth , who explains the rules to them: Then they get to choose their team color; Kareem chooses blue, Monroe chooses yellow, Rachel chooses red, Sarah chooses purple, and Alex and Bjorn become the Green Team.

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Then they get to choose their team color; Kareem chooses blue, Monroe chooses yellow, Rachel chooses red, Sarah chooses purple, and Alex and Bjorn become the Green Team. Season 4, Episode 6 December 3, Demian Martinez gets the 1 ball, Lindi the 2 ball, Reece the 3 ball, Antonio Iannicelli the 4 ball, Chris Vanderweir the 5 ball, Bryanah Bascon the 6 ball, Willa Zhou gets the 7 ball, and Nicole Clark gets the 8 ball before the episode ends.

Add to Watchlist Added. Hawaii, the Orange and Gray teams will compete for the two pieces left behind by Yellow, Luck and Perseverance. For more information about the teams and seasons, see main article: The 12 remaining players prepare for the Partner Selection, although Briana Vega steadfastly refuses to be paired with Kyle Curtis, leading to some drama.

Green wins, sending them to the final round and send the Orange Team home, elisode their 8 Pyramid Pieces Leadership, Trust, Heart, Discipline, Courage, Luck, Knowledge, and Ingenuity up for grabs in the final mission before the Golden Pyramids final endudance. The winning team is the team that manages to hold on the longest.

The 7 teams compete in their first Endurance mission: The first three girls and guys to let go are automatically eliminated.

After the players say their goodbyes, the teams battle in the final challenge at the Temple of Fate, where the Brown Team wins it all and becomes the second Endurance champions. The six remaining teams are shocked when the Blue Team receives a note from the Gray Team, accusing them of betrayal.


The person who catches tehafhapi ball chooses the guy and girl for that colored team. At The Rock, they give the Samadhi to the Yellow Team, but when given the decision to remove it, they pull it completely out episide the game, creating a level playing field for the final Temple Mission. The Yellow Team wins sending the Green Team home.

To make things interesting, J. In the end, Green wins, putting them in the lead with four pieces, while Red’s communication breakdown leads to a argument after the mission. In the end, Purple overcomes the Samadhi, and epsiode Blue and Red to the Temple the Triangle of Immunity reverts to a regular pyramid piece as of this episode. In the second Endurance Mission, the teams must move from one end of a clearing enxurance the other using only two blocks.

The Green Team wins, and decides to send the Orange and Gray Teams to the Temple of Fate out of fear of retaliation from the other teams. The strength of the four remaining endurancd is tested during a challenge and a discussion of the Samadhi erupts into a shouting match. The Gray Team ends up getting the Samadhi which has them wait until a ball is caught before participating in the next Temple Mission.

The teams compete in their third Endurance mission, where one member of each team holds onto a rope attached to a huge bucket, while the other players put water in them, in hopes of making the bucket heavy for one team and forcing them off the platforms that they are standing on, which will make them lose. Season 4, Episode 4 October 22, In the end, Erika proves rpisode strength yet again by winning the challenge for the Red Team, sending Purple and Green to the temple the second time Purple has visited the temple.

The first team to make it back and mount their flag onto their colored triangle wins the opportunity to send two teams to the Temple of Fate. Later, they shock everyone when they decide to send the Yellow Team because Aaron has found out Sabrina lied about having a crush on himalong with the Green Team, to the Temple of Fate, and Sabrina vows revenge if she returns. La La Land 6. As Blue plans revenge on Brown by sending them and Yellow to the Temple, the teams compete in a challenge where one team member must guide their teammate with a rope through a course of holes enduranve the team member with the rope is blindfolded.

The teams compete in a challenge that involves both team members working together to get three large balls across a pipe using poles.

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Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. In the end, the Orange Team becomes the third team to be eliminated from the competition. However, at The Rock, the season’s official meeting place, the Blue Team betrays their own alliance by giving the Samadhi to the Orange Team. In the challenge, players use colored squares on game boards to make a path between points without going enduramce or crossing paths.


The 7 teams of Endurance reunite to relive some of their best and worst moments. The fifteenth and the sixteenth episodes reunites the cast nearly one epusode since the series has started. The Temple Mission has the players transporting balls on boards from one end of the field to the other before sliding the ball into their chute.

Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! In the final Endurance: In the end, the Curse of the Gray Team strikes again and the Tehachap Team is sent home first for the third time in Endurance history, and the Blue Team is given a warm welcome-back from the other five teams. But the Samadhi up for grabs will benefit any teams who wins or receives it. The challenge involves episoce teams holding onto a pole in a ring.

fpisode The Orange Team gives their Strength piece to the Red Team, and for the third consecutive season, the teams will create their own game for the final Endurance Mission. The Blue Team manages to score their last victory before the final challenge, and the Red Team becomes the last team to leave the island. The teams face their first elimination and everyone’s eyes are set on Gray and Blue because of their strong friendship.

Red and Green volunteer to switch, and Purple schemes to have Blue give control to the former, so that they can switch Blue and Gray! Ultimately, the Orange Team gets the Samadhi for a second time, and the handicap is that 1 foot of their rope will be cut in the next Temple Mission.

In the end, Blue wins and sends Orange. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. The teams have to pile sandbags on another team’s colored triangle for 30 seconds before loading sandbags they’ve been given onto their ebdurance.

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Twenty kids travel to a secret location to compete for episoed title of Endurance 4 Champion. The champions of Endurance: As for the other 18 newcomers, they are forced to face the right to stay challenge, where the contestants hang onto poles suspended over the water. In the end, the Green Team wins it all and becomes Endurance champions, winning the grand prize trip to Hawaii.