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Emma Raducanu is a “normal” teenager | Entertainment and celebrity news

Emma Raducanu’s mom “shouts out to [her] for everything”.

The 19-year-old tennis player still lives at home in London with her parents Ian and Renee and despite her sporting successes, she still considers herself a typical teenager.

She admitted: “‘I’d say I’m really normal, my mum yells at me for everything. Like, ‘Wash your face!’ Because otherwise I have practically none.

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“I’m just a normal kid, a normal 19-year-old.

“[I’m home] two or three days a month, if that. My room is a mess, always, because I always come in, unpacking everything, and when I unpack, the whole street knows it. It’s like a bomb went off.”

Emma credits her father and mother – who were born in Romania and China respectively – for her strong work ethic, as they always pushed her to achieve their “high standards”.

She told Telegraph magazine: “My parents’ culture definitely played a big part in my mindset because I was always taught their way of thinking. They’re really hard to please, so I’ve always had to work harder and more demanding because I always wanted to impress them.

“They made it clear to me when something wasn’t going well enough. That’s a huge factor in why I’m here today…they didn’t give me any kind of false confidence.”

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And the tennis ace admitted she had “no respite” because her parents were always “tough” on her.

She added: “That’s the thing, I get no respite. The things my dad is hard on me for, my mom is cold; the things my dad is scary for, my mom is all over me.

“Mom is more on the mental side and off the court, on the respect side of things…and then my dad is more on the business and chores side.”

Emma won the US Open last year, shortly after passing her A Levels, and she would have liked to take a vacation afterwards.

She said: “I didn’t really give myself that space. I was just into the next thing, and I completely forgot I had won. I was so focused, which should be, but if you go straight in too soon, you lose that spark that you had.”

And Emma wants to spend more time being proud of her accomplishments instead of constantly heading towards her next goal.

She said: “Often I forget [about being a Grand Slam champion]and that’s one thing I think I should be doing more of – waking up and being proud of my accomplishments, and of myself, rather than giving myself a hard time about other things.

“I wake up knowing, listen, I started playing tennis as a kid wanting to win a Grand Slam, that’s what I decided [to do]but of course I would like more, and it’s hard not to be engrossed in the results and really appreciate what you’re doing.”