Takiguchi adds that he was invited by an unknown text message, deciding to join for the lack of rules and hierarchy, something that the two must keep discreet. Erika just wants to make sure Kujiragi is safe, but now Kujiragi has a new mission to tie off some pesky loose ends taking their Saika powers too far. Several gang members were enraged by this and decide to stand up against Shizuo, but to no avail. Simon then explains in Russian that Saki informed everyone about what Izaya has been doing all this time, as she has decided to think for herself and wants to be with Masaomi, Izaya seems slightly saddened by this but accepts it. Vorona and Slon retreat in the truck while being chased by Celty. While enjoying his day off on his getaway trip in the countryside with Celty Sturluson , Shinra Kishitani receives a call from Izaya.

The girl bumps into Mikado, who helps her escape. Mikado arrives to save Non and her friends from some delinquent members of the Dollars, but he fails as he ends up getting beaten up by the delinquent members. Kyohei arrives at Shrinra’s apartment, where he tells Walker and Saburo that he saw tons of people possessed by Saika roaming the streets before his accident. Maybe Nasujima’s stabbing transfers Saika into Mikado and Anri is forced to override it with her own Saika, before conquering its control completely through the power of love as shown by Shinra earlier and setting them both free? Shinra is concerned because Celty acts more human than most people, which is why she is so kind. He is there knowing that he is unable to run away from his past, much to what Izaya had said to him before. In the newly updated online chat room, Celty tells her friends that she lost her paycheck, prompting Izaya to send the group a link to a video of Max announcing that he will give ten million yen to anyone who reveals the identity of the Headless Rider.

Mikage continues to hold off both Vorona and Kasane, while Izaya stands safely at a distance as he pumps carbon dioxide in the filter system to suffocate Shizuo. In the hospital, Mikado wakes up from his operation, where Masaomi and Anri are there waiting for him.

Views Read Edit View history. The slasher comes up behind her and prepares to strike. Now yes, this plot point was technically introduced at the end of episode 7, while episode 8 details this new group’s early exploits. In retrospect, it makes her zombie act so much better because it played off her talents as a cosplayer, but it’ll take more than cosplay to get our good Dollars out of the pickle headed their way.


Haruna begins to approach Anri with glowing red eyes holding a knife, calling her a leech. Seiji and the redheaded girl are in the park. After Dennis sees Shizuo, Simon chucks a flash grenade, leaving Vorona temporarily unconscious.

Erika just wants to make sure Kujiragi is duragara, but now Kujiragi has a new mission to tie off some pesky loose ends taking their Saika powers too far.

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Shinra contact Shingen, who says that he hired Egor to assassinate a serial killer, to which Shinra already knew was Ruri. I durzrara say he’s just covering for him, but Izaya’s line about all lies being acceptable except for business lies leads me to believe he’s vurarara the truth.

Freshly inspired by his near-death experience at the hands of Yodogiri Jinnai and more importantly, his 2nd near-death experience at the hands of one of the first “nobodies” he ever tormentedIzaya has assembled a rogues’ gallery of ex-Dollars, Dollar-haters, petty delinquents, friendly acquaintances, and dangerous criminals in preparation for some unknown dark purpose. Durararx on the road, Vorona causes Celty to crash, as Celty’s helmet suddenly detaches from her body.

Masaomi had left the Yellow Scarves and had been admitted to the academy meeting up with Mikado there. Login or Register forgot it?


After seeing that the boy will attend the same academy, Mikado had a glance of nostalgia when he first had moved to Ikebukuro and had reunited with Masaomi. When Mikado returns home, he finds that Mika is missing and he is pinned down by the bodyguards from the pharmaceutical company. Theron Martin has the details. Celty Sturluson arrives at the apartment and is surprised to see so many familiar faces. Celty gives her bag to the syndicate leader, which contains an exotic yet extinct lizard inside.

Shizuo, furarara manages to ride into the street blocked off by people possessed by Saika, confronts Kasane for treating Celty like a monster to sell like merchandise. Shortly after, a client arrives to tell Shinra he has a patient. Shigen learns that he was attacked by the Yellow Scarves before Celty came to rescue him. Mika was previously using Anri to make herself look better. July 2, [13].


In the aftermath, Shiki tells Izaya that Akabayashi wants to daika to him. However, Ruri pounces on Kasuka and attempts to kill him, yet Kasuka shows no reaction.

I know I wrote some reviews, finished reading a couple books, and drove a mile round trip to visit some relatives, but I c As Akabayashi takes Akane to the Rakuei Gym, an earlier conversation in her bedroom revealed that Akane does not trust anyone including herself, but Akabayashi suggested Akane to toughen herself up to protect herself and her family. The slasher was revealed ssaika have possessed Anri’s mother before both of her parents were killed. Walker follows the Yellow Scarves to their hideout, with the stench of kerosene on him, believing it was this gang that was behind the hit and run.

This, however, is t Since Egor cannot payyen for his treatment, Mairu and Kururi offer to cover the expense using Celty’s paycheck.

After the briefcase breaks, an enraged Shizuo uses a park bench as a baseball bat to launch Egor and the zombie out of the park. Kyohei, Walker, Erika, and Saburo had rebelled against their fellow Blue Squares gang members and decided to save Saki. Vorona and Slon continue to follow Celty, proceeding with caution. Anri starts screaming and tries to attack him with Saika, but then Haruna steps in dammit, let Anri do something in this finale!

Mikado tells Aoba that it is a bad idea to pass arf the hospital to visit Kyohei, yet Mikado is somewhat glad that Kyohei is there. Oh well, looks like we get to blitz forward at lightspeed to the end instead! Shinra and Celty And when you’ve conquered enough adversity to open your heart without fear, your love can overcome even the dudarara barbs xrc a Russian assassin.

Then, Kasane offers to buy Saika from Anri at any price. Inhe began drawing the artwork for the Boruto: