In this drama, dongyi did not have those feelings for choon soo. Dong yi is the best role model ever. September 4, at 7: Dong Yi was a beautiful young woman and I liked her smiles. Either espoide 50 or 51 where she gives birth to geum in the latter part of the espoide where dong yi gets kicked out of the palace wen she tells the king her real last name as we know as choi dong yi not chun dong yi and after that happens then dong yi reveals to king sukjong that dong yis father and brother were the members of the sword organization and then after that happened dong yi gets kicked,out of the palace,then few months later dong yi gives birth to her son geum who becomes the 21 king of chosun then dong yi and geum are sent back to the palace after king sukjong asks to come back. Repeated rule breaking will result in warnings followed by blacklisting upon non-compliance. They also showed what Dong yi and Sukjong did which im quite confused too The writer want us to: Comments which break the rules will be moderated or erased.

July 22, at 5: Playlist 3 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. I mean about royal family members and other princes hiding their identity and travelling through Europe not only in metropolitan areas in incognito. September 25, at The writer wrote it not because she knows it and brag but because she wanted to share the informations. November 20, at 9: I already watch it and it is really good.

Her wisdom and intelligence shined on her interaction with others. I never been know anything about korea history but after watching drama, I started to read more about the monarchy of korea. July 15, at 2: July 22, at 5: Throughout the episode they only showed how Dong Yi made her son the crown prince by allowing the Queen Inhon to adopt her son.

I just put some information up here about this. You have already dramavrazy this video. Im Hyun Shik Supporting Cast. Well dramzcrazy, very nice. I read in other page he probably died of botulism I believe of botulism. June 4, at December 15, at 8: Park Eun Hye Main Cast.


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Choi suk bin was from Cheoning class, the lowest class in society, in the same level as slaves, and that was her status in palace, very low, she was not nearly close to the king or any royal in palace. This is a very good drama to watch. At the end of the episode, it showed Sukjong walking with Dong yi.

Why is he so shocked that his family wants to kill him? September 3, at October 25, at 7: But historiographer now agree that although his suffering was caused because his mother atack, his death was probably caused for eating contaminated seafood, as for the symptoms of the illness that cause his death.

We have exactly the same reason… I am so moved by this drama that my heart felt like bursting with sorrow and happiness at the episoee time… I wanna be like Dong yi… She has a great heart… I hope to see them here in the Epsode specially Bae Soo bin….

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Greetings from the island of Barbados. Indeed in a drama to watch from beginning to ending. September 21, at 3: But yes Jang ok jung is a nice fairtale. No its was gyeongjong who got the throne and ruled joseon for 5 years before prince yeoning aka king yeonjo took over the throne wen his older brother died and king yeonjo ruled joseon for 52 years She was attractive and also, it was a wise political move by Sekyong.


Cast away like a used toy, Mi So hits her all-time low: She enter to the palace when she was 7.

Episode 30

December 18, at dramavrazy Excellent acting as well. Yup u dranacrazy about that that type of girl u dont see everyday who is sweet nice caring and cares about the people and dong yi she still the best. August 8, sam 4: The officiant is the priest from their church and entertainment will be provided by Seo Bum-sukYoon Hyeong-ryeol and Choi Soo-youngA destitute young Mi So was brought up in an orphanage, yet eventually found good fortune in the form of Lee Min Jae Heo Tae-heea rich heir.

March 10, at 1: Some causes related to spontaneus bleeding due to disorder in cuagulation like liver dysfunction cirrhosis or hepatitsleukemia or other blood disease and dramactazy severe hypertension epistaxis signaling nasal blood vessel rupture that preceded brain vessel rupture causing cerebral hemorrhge.

Are there any video doumentaries I could that is based on dong yi and sukjong and about how did dong yi died? She was either ,38,39 depending on the documents. Please answer to me Episode 32 I do not know much about korean history, since the day that I watched dong yi through youtube. December 10, at 7: They also showed what Dong yi and Sukjong did which im quite confused too.

You seem like you know a lot. November 1, at 4: Because she is the one I had choose. Read and leave comments.

She kept to her duty and protocol, She sah entered in palace disputes. Now i am re-watching DY for the 7th time and it is still as exciting. September 5, at