Well, it took off internationally, is just that it came lots of years before the internet became popular in most countries of the world except the USA. The Saiyan and Namek arcs actually received different soundtracks and the rest they just stuck solely to the Japanese music. Android 17 which I felt were highlights of their arcs. Keep in mind I have done several redoes of certain episodes because I realized my scoring sucked, so I wanted to git gud. Last edited by Diccolo on Fri Jun 01, 2: So much so, that, it made the voice acting less annoying and the writing was less noticeably bad. Oct 27, 1,

Hayseeds and Scalawags Sound Department. And yes, I know someone’s going to say “bubububu haven’t you ever seen a Sentai series? Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately , especially if potentially libelous or harmful. Trying to claim objectivity with freaking music is silly. And of course, there hasn’t been any lossless file releases for things like the original Yamamoto Revival project, or any projects like it AFAIK. I was told different things by friends, some saying to watch kai for the better pacing and dialogue, or to watch Z for similar reasons.

It’s not seamless, but it’s better than fights going on and it being annoyingly silent. I’m good on the Faulconer era.

But yeah, I’ve seen how it’s fairly unusual since a lot of people only prefer Falconer due to nostalgia. You will need to already have the episodes with the video files and mux the two together. It’s a bit of a Boy Who Cried Wolf situation to me Oct 28, 1, Faulconer recently composed, performed, and recorded the music for the feature film, Bystander Theory in Even when I was a kid I hated the music.

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Drummond’s version of Vegeta was fucking perfect for the Saiyan and Namek saga but man his voice feels really out of place for the faulclner stuff when Vegeta starts turning into more of a hero. I can visualize Goku vs Vegeta right now. Anime composers American film score composers American male composers American record producers American television composers Living people University of Texas at Austin alumni Male film score composers. The only people I’ve ever seen gush over Faulconer’s score are Americans that grew up with that version of Dragonball Z.


I mean, for Kami’s sake, it’s a show about aliens and space travel and lasers and shit.

[DONE] Dragon Ball Z Kai: Bruce Faulconer/American OST Edition • Kanzenshuu

These are not the actual episodes, only the audio files behind them. Keep in mind I have done several redoes of certain episodes because I realized my scoring sucked, so I wanted to git gud. I still honestly wonder what might’ve happened if the original Dragon Ball took off internationally rather than most international viewers’ first exposure to Dragon Ball being Z.

Basically, the boy shouldn’t have cried wolf when the wolves just wanted to Go See Yamcha. Dragon Ball Z Composer.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That soundtrack has some good tunes in isolation, but as a whole, it’s a fucking mess nall just doesn’t fit Dragon Ball. Jan 24, The music for peisodes feature film Scenes in the Darka musical play within a movie, was scored and music-produced by Faulconer and won a prestigious Gold Award in the Houston International Film Festival.

Audible Download Audio Books. You’ll notice the file sizes got larger in the later episodes. Despite these gripes, the music really stood out.

Do you have a demo reel? Views Read Edit View history. I can’t go back to the old dub.

Only way I can enjoy it – Buy non-kai blue rays Switch to Japanese for the cha la opening Switch to American for the rest Make absolutely sure it’s turned off before zenkai power starts to play. I’m introducing a few friends to Dragon Ball from the very beginning and will likely use this along with the DB Recut fan edit. No registered users and 6 guests.

Bruce Faulconer

Oct 25, 2, This fucking sucks https: InFaulconer composed the music for the eisodes film, Bystander Theory. I also want to issue a huge thanks to the people who made the unreleased faulconer tracks available for use, as well as those providing instructions on making rips yourself. Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan writer: It’s not at all believable someone would call a mouse Mouse.


Show all 8 episodes. He sued them and they countersued back, it was a big thing.

Bruce Faulconer’s music for Dragon Ball Z really is the best

Faulconer’s music has been acknowledged by numerous national and international performances and first prizes from competitions sponsored by organizations including the Elkhart Symphony Orchestra, the Fort Worth Symphonythe World Saxophone Congress second prizeas well as recognition from the International Gaudeamus Music Fqulconer, the Concorso Internazionale Luigi Russolo, and the Texas Manuscript Archives.

How much of Bruce Faulconer’s work have you seen? Faulconer’s music made the defeat of Cell way more epic in my opinion.

See it as a reaction to the thread title – Because that one’s all sorts of bollocks. The inferior acting, the script that doesn’t fit the characters, and that music Who is episoddes Users browsing this forum: Frieza Saga is done, so technically the entire series has been scored!

The Last Airbender as a kid when it was on nickelodeon, but I never got into the genre. The hypoerbolic time chamber is such calming music, and Android 16s.

Bruce Faulconer – IMDb

That’s what DBZ is imitating! By now it’s near impossible to find online, but there is one site I fualconer of that still has it if you were looking for one linked below. In the end, Funimation decided to sever all ties with Bruce and his music.

Very easy to set up, just follow instructions.

Oct 27, 1, I’m glad you took some liberties as to placement of music in certain scenes. I know I was close when Kai aired.