It’s been so many years that I’ve want to sleep when I close my eyes. Since you’re a pig, you should just eat your meals well, why come up here? Face looks like a dinosaur. Answer me you jerk! Everyone, really, thank you very much. We actually play in our area, but that Hyujng came.

That kid said he wants to find the kitten, so he ran away from home. Didn’t you said you want to start smiling again? Can we do exactly the same? That kind of person is the most arrogant. How do you want to die? Why would I need to hold your hand?

DoReMiFaSoLaSiDo (English Subtitle)

Why don’t you grab a hold of her. I’m not expecting anything either. Just go out, Eun Doremjfasolasido. I’m sorry that I love you. Na Ri, don’t interfere.

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do (film) – Wikipedia

I doremifxsolasido to perform for the last time for the doremi band. This is a similar guitar to the one that Billy Sheehan used during his period. Sorry for making you suffer. Your eyes, whether its the past, Or now, they’re still good looking.


There’s no dinosaur’s head mask here? Somerset Maugham Chs His father ejg sent to jail and his mother was hospitalized. Because I can’t think of you again. Most importantly, it’s a good movie, with credits to Jang Geun suk! Kang Hee Won, if you die, I’ll die too. You’re doing it for yourself, tearing both of their hearts apart.

Doremifasolasido (도레미파솔라시도) Full Movie (Eng Subs) – Transcript Vids

Why must he be locked up? What I mean is, we should think of other people’s position. This movie doesn’t own by me.

I’m sorry, but I have to be by Hee Won’s side. He’s my best friend, let me introduce you to him. How about your eyes? If you disregard Hee Won’s warning one more time, be careful of getting burried alive.

Doremifasolasido (도레미파솔라시도) Full Movie (Eng Subs)

Did you eat dragon’s liver? Just hitting on me and answering, giving gifts and accepting them.

I’m going to sleep. If Hee Won has something, then we’ll go together. Kang Hee Won, what’s wrong with you?


Girls bought them for me. It’s been so many years that I’ve want to sleep when I close my eyes. Should have let you leave me slowly I stood at that place once again Looking at you slowly leaving Tears falling slowly Such a cold season Although once back, coming back to my side So you mean between this part, we shouldn’t add on any transition?

You rascal, hand over your student ID.

Is it your first time seeing me like this? Kang Hee Won, if you want to toss me, just use the ways that you did in past. Just hitting her to death won’t do. Yoon Jung Won, come with me to meet Eun Gyu.