Lapataganj – Episode – 20th November He is a human who is taken to Pari lok by fairies.. Watch Tapasya as she continously tries to belittle Ichcha and deny her happiness at every turn.. On Panchi’s request, she sings and receives a huge appreciation. However, Swayam tries to calm him. He helps her do yoga. And you g I think you should use ur mind….

Rubel fights with Aditya for taking Pankhuri’s side. Sanddy tells she will talk to govt Maya tells sandy nt to worry as suraj s still alive Maya tells she will start killing one by one if nt done.. Arjun tries to meet her, but in vain. Neelam pretends to be pregnant and plans to sabotage the Modi family. Neelam claims that her husband is unemployed and that she needs a job to provide for her unborn child. Baal Veer – Episode 36 – 23rd November Music plays………… She says sorry. Sooraj says I request you to inform all families that we are safe and two are dead, we regret.

When the prosecution has prepared a water tight open and shut case where even a blind man can tell that the accused is guilty. Viraj refuses to believe the doctor.

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Later, Meheronsh Billimoria is murdered on the specified date written on his cupboard. Sooraj talks to Kavya and asks her to give another chance to Gautam. Indu and a couple of students blackmail Janardhan to find out Ranjith’s whereabouts. Inspite of that Pradeep and Mona’s pot of joy is spilling over- they have 3 children and a life which revolves around work and children.


V Humse Hai Liife – 23rd November He asks her to pray to God that he should make his parents proud. Laxman Ki Duniya – Episode – 22nd November Prithvi panics on seeing the flat tyres of his jeep as he is getting late to visit Ramdhari Singh.

Reet 19th Nov – 2: Destiny has something else in store for them. But truth is stranger than fiction. Amrit panics as Shivangi goes missing. Uttaran Full Episode 25 Sep Arjun asks the Principal not to expel the students. The show predominantly – Promoolves around ‘Jethalaal’ Dilip Joshi who is an uneducated Gujarati businessman. episove

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Santosh praises Sandhya for lighting all the lamps faster than Dhaisa’s daughter-in-law and gives Sooraj permission to take her out. Mansi comes from a well to do family, very feminine and every Indian man’s ideal wife.

BollywoodKhiladiMovie. Shivangi asks Agam not to speak to Natasha to prove his love to her.

The show highlights the nuances of a complicated relationship when people with a huge age difference fall in love. She plans to work in the field and provide for Ranvijay.

Kiya assures Ranveer that she trusts KD. Rey becomes furious at Tani while she asks him to meet her. He apologises to Kiya, but in vain.


He says we have fought together, and we are like family, I m saying this as a brother, Gautam is a good person, he still loves you. Mona has stood by him in this endeavor. V Dil Dostii Dance – baahi November But no hu can see the case from the angle KD does. This TV Series aims at depicting our happiness and sorrows and our indifference towards things going around us.

Terrorists take control

On learning about Parvati’s frustration, Narad wants to help her. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

Ruk Jana Nahin – 19th November Babasa says my Sooraj, he has fought with the terrorists and saved everyone. V The Buddy Project – 23rd November Shapath – 51th March Laxman Ki Duniya – Episode – 23rd Novemb Ratan drives the tractor in the field. Arjun tells he knows that zandy can do wonders nd tells ATB zak shake hands nd start their mission Break.