Legend of the Twin Eclipse: He leaves behind a message that she doesn’t fully understand until one fateful day years later. Chosen Pharaoh Chronicles Part 1 by RedMoonAlchemist reviews Atem has returned from the afterlife but no one will tell him exactly why. Vanish, oneshot, kinda dark. Union Through Separation by Dr. What happens when Tea tries to find out what’s wrong?

Precious by Atemusluckygal reviews Christmas is just around the bend, and Seto Kaiba’s dueling tournament is still in place, and a maniac is still on the loose. When the leader of the underworld finds out, he plans on killing Yami. Demented Insane Spirit Everyone’s moved on, and it seems her dreams are shattered. Almost everyone has accepted their relationship expect for one person who will try and separate them till they are miles apart. Warning characters do get hurt but it’s supposed to make you laugh.. Will she find love with Atem? Permanent by CrimsonZero reviews A story of goodbye told from the point-of-view of Atemu.

Can he and his crew get her back before its to late? Our True Love reviews Atem went through so hard things in his life and maybe the worst was losing his girlfriend Kerai. But a tragic accident changes everything for Atem and his girlfriend Tea. Can she find the courage to ask Yami out before the big night comes around the corner?

K – English – Angst – Chapters: They may be unclear now, but he claims that soon she will understand. The Game by MysticInca reviews Rated just in case. A Date by Startistica reviews “What is this thing you call a date?

What color is love? Rated for obviously mature content. Where your heart truly lies by Island Heart reviews It’s been two months since the Pharaoh went to the afterlife and he moved on and so did everyone else.


Ever since the day Kerai died, he didn’t plan to fall in love again. How did she get to be there and why is she being called Teana?

My Shining Light by Moonlit Reaper reviews Tea is the new student in class, but she had a hard past and because of it, she is cold eppisode distant to anyone who talked to her.

Define Dancing by darkrunner reviews Anzu’s trying to teach Yuugi to dance, but winds up with the other Yuugi instead. False Girlfriend by Dark Shining Light reviews oneshot.

Atem, is through with women after several failed relationships Atem never expected to fall in love again till he meets a brunette unlike any other. Princess Samira episod to take over, and its up to Anzu to revive Atemu in time to save her friends, with the help of It’s Valentine’s Day again, with an entire passed year since Atem and Tea got together.

K – English – Chapters: However,is it a gift or a curse? A New Bachelorette by Atemusluckygal reviews Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Vivian Wong had, though dishonestly, won the duel between her and Yami? And it’s not by dueling!

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How will he react? Love Story by CrimsonZero reviews Anzu stands upon “their” spot, contemplating what could have been. White Tiger by Atemusluckygal reviews The gang is trapped in a big jungle, the Shadow Realm in disguise. Not a sequel to my previous Christmas story.

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Yami and Anzu have a final goodbye. And what with certain feelings for an old friend who changed so much over the year Yu-Gi-Oh – Rated: Now how is Atem going to repay her?


But wait, it’s not actually P. Vi piace Sherlock Holmes?

Is there anything they can do? And what’s with everyone’s new roles? This time, it’s “Broken,” by Lifehouse. She hoped by now she would have at least one friend. And at the first day, he impresses Anzu. Remember the Time by boots-7 reviews Anzu and Yami share a moment set two months before the final goodbye. That’s My Dream Too by peachi goddess reviews Oneshot: Just In All Stories: What could it be the reason of this loneliness?

Blue Streak by peachi goddess reviews No one has surpassed the King of Games. But will a certain spiky haired boy change that with some dare’s and some help from his clueless brother who just moved in with him from Egypt? He leaves behind a message that she doesn’t fully understand until anlmecrazy fateful day years later.

A loving trick by fantasia detetive After a competiton in a Bowling to be busy before Halloween, the winner must to give trick for the loserswho have to do it without grudging.

Her pointe shoes are missing.

Two souls, can never be one by Demoniac Spirit reviews what you feel, might not be what you show. But when you end up sitting beside the guy you like with no one else around, things can get downright embarrassing.