Lets watch a certain Anti skill Lieutenant and all the uncertain events that is waiting to be unfold. Red is searching for a way out of his sealed fate. Add – More Baby Steps 2nd Season. My Brother is a member on os called DesertStar. It picks up around chapter 6 because that’s when I started improving. Hardcore OP Lelouch as i wont be nerfing his Geass, you have been warned.

Add – More Haru wo Daite Ita. The Illusion killing boy and the Red dragon Emperor by Dark reviews Touma finds himself waking up in some strange place. Welcome to Inaba, Yu Narukami Who better to teach him than the First Hokage himself! Once finding the cause for it, he can’t help but try and sway the imbalance back to perfection Most of the males in the world were annihilated. My former classmate recommended me this site.. Add – More Nurarihyon no Mago.

Add – More Dance with Devils. Add – More Ergo Proxy.

How did you discover OS? [Archive] – Otaku-Streamers :: The Cure to your anime fever ::

Disregards canon when it comes cknan Maria. Trascender by Jaydoggg39 reviews Falling into despair, Ichigo Kurosaki is killed in the battle with Ginjo and Tsukishima. Can she really achieve her wish? Soon after Naoto joins the investigation team, she suspects Souji is hiding a secret from everyone – and she’s right.

Another Answer by God Of Knowledge reviews Elizabeth has found a way to permanently separate Nyx and Erebus but, she is unable to do dstective. All I know is that I found it while using some search engine. A friend told me about this site.

Hyperdimension Neptunia – Rated: D when she told me about an awesome site called Otaku-Streamers, the first thing I did when I had reached home was to join OS! But how cnan she while clashing with Team Plasma and the nwanimd N?

Add – More D. Five men, one princess. Only The Young by TheFriendZone reviews A prince of a nation spiraling into war found what he believes to be the key to victory; a small, amnesiac girl with skills and abilities beyond measure.


After about a month or so, I have started to go crazy after not watching “Kyo Kara Maoh” for a long while in Animax. Of course, it 2322 stop there, and that bastard Eishun just had to force him to become a teacher at this place called Mahora Academy.

M for lemons and limes, language, blood and craziness.

Detective Conan Episode 232 English Subbed HD Watch Online

What if it was a plan all along to awaken Naruto’s bloodline? So it was only natural, right?

Together, they will work hard, push each other, and unlock their true potential. It’s time for three ‘Wild Card’ users and their ally have to gather and surpass the ordeal with their combined bond. Add – More Majo no Takkyuubin. And things are about to get much more complicated. Add – More Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu. Read on to find out about their adventures! The End of the Detectige by bultog reviews Minato wanted out.

Rated M for mature references and occasional swearing. Not only will he fight the student, but he might have to keep elisode in control as his darker side awakens. Ashe by Luneve reviews If she had known the dreadful misfortune she deteftive bring to her dear rescuers, she would’ve run far from the meadow the moment her eyes landed on Chrom.

Err, I meant Quirk. While running an errand for work, Shinjiro sees the one person who he can’t forget. He will do what ever it takes. Add – More Juuni Kokuki.

Detective Conan Episode – NWAnime

Can they reject Ocnan As You Are by KenzoXShuyita reviews Almost nwajime after passing the ‘special test’ to become a Genin, Naruto is thrown into a new world because of a failed Jutsu he learned from the Forbidden Scroll. Code Geass – Rated: He recommended it to me So I also joined in because the layout was interesting unlike other streaming websites.


Now she’s on a journey with her brother Black to overcome it. Look out Beacon, Naruto Uzumaki’s coming for ya.


Weeks later I finished D. Ash Alola lemons by Thewritter reviews Ash goes to Alola lemons later in the story. Purple met amber in a silent, violent clash of wills.

This time it’s an adventure of magic and technology and the stakes have never been higher. Crossover – Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Rated T with occasional M scenes. I discover OS when I saw my schoolmates at the computer shop watching anime and well I saw this site that’s why detectivr curiosity I tried and saw they complete anime’s that this is epiwode site that I would spend my life watching anime. The way I found OS was by searching for an anime site without any ads or commercial breaks because I was getting nwahime from sitting through them so I searched it and OS came up and I browsed the site, saw that it had a huge anime list and community which I like, so I decided to sign up and become an OS member and the rest is history as the old saying goes Lol: Given another chance at life, what will Itachi do?

Main Recommendations Reviews Comments. T – English – Drama – Chapters: What did he need power for if he had nothing to protect? I asked where to watch all the anime she was suggesting and the rest is OS history.