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David Dickinson’s wife shares secrets behind her iconic tan | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

David Dickinson’s wife Lorne opened up about her husband of over 50 years of legendary tanning in an unearthed interview. The brilliance of the colloquial name can be attributed to sunbathing rather than bottles of St Tropez.

In a 2017 interview, Dickinson told the Mirror: “Jonathan Ross calls me the orange man.

“But I’m dark-skinned from my Armenian heritage, and my real secret is to have as many vacations as possible.”

Lorne was quick to add, “He’s an absolute sun worshiper. I take him out the next morning, and he’s just laying there…”

Although Dickinson claims not to use fake tans, he said he would be willing to star in a commercial for a tanning company.

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He now presents Dickinson’s Real Deal on ITV, where the team travels the country in search of a bargain.

Residents can then choose to accept cash for their antiques or gamble.

“He has a lot of big fans,” Lorne said. “He was shopping at Marks & Spencer recently, and the women kept banging their shopping carts against his to get his attention!”

He finds it difficult to avoid attention even when he travels abroad.

“Sometimes you go on vacation and you’re on a beach in the middle of nowhere, and someone comes up and says, ‘Well, what are you doing here? ‘” Dickinson said.

“And you think, ‘P**s off!'”

He remains one of the UK’s most recognized TV personalities.

Dickinson will appear in Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel tonight at 8:30 p.m.