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Dan Trachtenberg put the stars of Prey through bootcamp | Entertainment and celebrity news

Dan Trachtenberg put the “Prey” cast to the test with a bootcamp.

The 41-year-old director helmed the latest film in the ‘Predator’ franchise – a prequel to the previous four films – and wanted to focus on the action by putting stars like Amber Midthunder through physical preparation to ensure that they could face as Comanche warriors.

Dan told SFX magazine, “I still think the ‘Predator’, ‘Alien’ and ‘Terminator’ movies, despite having different directors, all feel like they belong in their own little genre.

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“I think a lot of it, thinking mostly about ‘Aliens’ rather than ‘Alien’, the mix of action and horror, but with a real lean towards the military aspects feeling more authentic than unlikely.

“There’s always this authentic blend of where you’re grounded in the real world, and then bringing in the sci-fi element, which (John) McTiernan and (James) Cameron were so adept at.”

The filmmaker continued, “I kind of wanted to take the same approach and be as authentic as possible in a totally different way, in a more Terrence Malick way.

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“In our movie, we put the actors through a bootcamp to make sure they could function as a unit. The Comanches were sort of the SEAL Team Six of the day, they were the fiercest warriors in the world. So they learned to move through the forest as a unit and communicate with each other non-verbally.”

Meanwhile, Amber revealed that she had to study hard to master the Comanche language for her role as the warrior Naru.

Asked what skills she needed for ‘Prey’, the 25-year-old actress said: “The Comanche language, which is not easy. I know my Lakota language, and they’re not all the same.

“So learning and getting familiar with the Comanche language and very, very cool to learn it. It’s a really difficult language. There are a lot of vowels, so your mouth is open for a long time and it’s very specific. “

Read the full interview with the cast and crew of “Prey” in the new issue of SFX magazine, which has just been released.