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Dame Joan denounces ‘boring’ and ‘tragic’ cancellation culture | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

The former Dynasty star also spoke about the Me Too movement and actor Chris Noth, who was fired from shows following sexual assault allegations. His comments followed those of Maureen Lipman who warned last week that the UK was “on the verge of wiping out comedy” for fear of offending people.

She said at the time, “I think it hangs in the balance if we’re ever going to be funny again.”

Asked if her outspoken attitude made her worried it would be cancelled, Dame Joan replied: “I’m not worried about that. I think it’s tragic that people can be canceled for having a opposite opinion to that which is currently in vogue. It only closes the debates, closes the interesting conversations.

“Why should everyone feel the same way about everything? It’s really, really boring.” The 88-year-old actress spoke to Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour program to promote her BBC New Year’s documentary This Is Joan Collins.

On Sex And The City star Noth, 67, who has denied several allegations of sexual abuse in recent weeks, Dame Joan said: “Who knows what he did? I know him and I’m not going to judge him because that who knows who these women are? But his career is destroyed, absolutely destroyed because of what he did.”

Dame Joan also addressed her own fight for equality early in her showbiz career.

While her father warned that his men in the entertainment industry were “predatory”, she said she had to put up with mistreatment.

The star said: “It didn’t just start when I went to Hollywood. I started in the business at 16 and it all started there.

“I got out of it laughing a lot. Men can’t stand being made fun of.”