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Dame Joan Collins: “The 1980s were greedy. I miss them’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

Dame Joan played the role of Alexis Colby, the ex-wife of oil tycoon Blake Carrington and one of the fans the world over loved to hate. She played the role of Alexis from 1981 until the series finale in May 1989.

The 88-year-old won a Golden Globe in 1983 and earned five other nominations for her role on the show.

Speaking on the BBC special This Is Joan Collins, the star recalled: “It was the right show at the right time. It had beautiful people, beautiful clothes, beautiful sets, real flowers, real caviar, real anger behind the scenes for some of us.

“The 1980s were the decade of the ‘me.’ Markets traded bonds with the bravado of Gordon Gekko. And the stock market soared. People were making big money, investing it, and living the good life. .”

Dame Joan added: “The 1980s were a great decade. I don’t care what people say. I don’t care if they say it was all greed and Gordon Gekko. I loved Gordon Gekko and I miss it.”

In the new documentary, she opens up about unwanted advances from Hollywood bosses, troubled marriages and arguments at Dynasty – after demanding equal pay, she and co-star John Forsythe (Blake) didn’t speak for a season.

When she went to Hollywood in 1953, Dame Joan met Darryl Zanuck, the head of 20th Century Fox and sexual predator. Dame Joan says: “Shortly after I arrived, he chased me down the hall and pinned me against the wall.

“He pinned me like a beetle to a board… ‘You need a real man honey, a real man’. Luckily a makeup artist came and I was able to escape. Basically I’m a survivor I survived as a young woman in a business when virtually all men were predators.

“My dad used to say, ‘Just give them a knee in the you-know-what’.”

In February 2002, Joan married Hollywood producer Percy Gibson, 31 years her junior. His previous trips down the aisle have not been so successful.

Her first marriage was to Irish actor Maxwell Reed. They married in 1952 when Reed was 33 and she was just 18. She recently said he assaulted her before the wedding.

His second was Antony Newley, a singer-songwriter. They had been together for eight years.

Next was Ron Kass. Kass was an American recording mogul. He had drug and money problems.

His fourth was to Sweden’s Peter Holm, in 1985. Peter acted as manager and co-producer.

Lady Joan has three children. Two with Newley and one girl with Kass. Her daughter, Katy, was nearly killed in a road accident aged eight and spent 47 days in a coma following the accident. She says: “I know I’ve had a lucky life. But I think I’ve also had my fair share of disaster and misfortune.

“There were three miserable and horrible divorces, a terrible situation where my daughter almost died, bankruptcy – almost – and not finding a job as an actor. A lot.

“But who wants reality? There’s already too much of it in today’s world and as they say in show business, that’s not what the public pays for.

“I think people love the glamorous girl named Joan Collins, even though they understand that glamor is just an illusion.”

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