Whitaker endeavours to show, that the temple at Bath was similar to the Pan- theon at Borne, in form and dedication, but there are hardly data to establish the former conclusion. Familiar Epistles ; ” but a more severe critic of the same pleasing history has since appeared in the person of a dis- tinguished novelist, who says, ” It,” Macaulay’s History ” was, at any rate, brilliant, if it was without authority; the sentence that gave power to a wrong, was nothing to those sentences that gave such majesty to words. This fact is illustrated by a statue of Minerva, in the museum at Naples, which is believed to be amongst the most ancient known to exist. There is an inscription, rather decisive in its ap- parent purport, for, by a trifling supplementary aid, it will read thus, C. If either be defective, our physic must be lame. Tradition has given some foundation for concluding, that the thermae of Bath were known to the Britons ; his- tory has taught the despotism and injustice of Boman rule, and, the extraordinary ability and avidity with which they seized on, and appropriated to their use, all existing natural advantages in the provinces, or conquests, they had secured. In excavating for the foundations of the Grand Pump-Eoom, these interesting remains were brought to light ; and, the site, adjacent to Stall Street, as well as the character of the carved and inscribed stones, identify them suffi- ciently with the building dedicated to Minerva at this place.

To this first reli- gious foundation is assigned the date , But the permission to erect a religious house did not include political or territorial cession, for, it appears that Offa, King of Mercia, the most puissant prince of the heptarchy, incorporated Bath in his dominions, and built a college for secular canons, on the ruins of Osrio’s nunnery, in the year There is an inscription, rather decisive in its ap- parent purport, for, by a trifling supplementary aid, it will read thus, C. These pillars were four feet and a half high, and set about fourteen inches asunder, composing a hypocaust, or vault, for the purpose of retaining heat sufficient for the rooms above. He was a disciple and colleague to that celebrated philosopher, and amongst the Grecians he bore the name of Aithrobates ana Abaris ; names implying the exalted idea which that learned race of people had of his great abilities. The country, through which it is approached from Bath, is remarkably picturesque, and the position was chosen with artistic judgment. This historic doubt, however, exercises no influence over the records of Bath, which was only noticed by its Sovereign as an object for increased taxation. The first class are characterized by an acid taste, and by the disengagement of fixed air. Temporary, lasts from one season up Impact during up to one year

Rina Banerjee lives and works in Manhatten, New York. Brice’s fast, bears a resemblance, though distant in time, and different in place, to the destruction of the Pro- testants, on St. The building called the Westgate, no longer in existence, contained a suite of apartments usually appropriated to the accommodation of roy- alty.

Towards the close of his rule, Blaedud found leisure to resume those studies, in which he had made such proficiency in Greece, but, having attempted to fly, with wings of his own invention, the machinery gave way, and he fell upon the roof of Solsbury Church.

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Blaedud was wise, he was learned, and had experience of the medicinal pro- perties of the waters of his native home. With such a moiety of poli- tical power, a transition from servitude to freedom, Bath continued until the reign of Cceur de Lion, who granted to the city its first charter, accom- panied by all the privileges and immunities of a free borough.


It is known that they considered the tepid bathriom essential to health, for, the prohibition to its use was amongst the penances imposed by the church. Victory, however, oscillated, and the city changed masters simultaneously with the suc- cesses of the mastr forces. Maste was about the year of our Lord, 50, that these social and military works were completed, and Bath fully possessed and enjoyed by a Roman col- ony ; the whole period occupied in the completion not exceeding the term of two or three years.

During their visits, the city was so crowded, that numbers were obliged to provide ssries in the neighbouring villages, where the agreeable character of the scenery afforded an equivalent for the inconvenience of the accom- modation. Obeying, and accom- modating itself to the inequalities of surface, the walls, commencing at a gateway, opening into the Foss-Way, near to St. Humbler bathers, having cooled themselves in the snow, drink a glass of brandy, and resume their labours.

Under medical guidance alone should the invalid commence the internal use of the waters ; and, the quantity should be gradually increased, from a glass or quarter-pint, taken before breakfast, and a like quantity at noon, until it reaches two full glasses at each visit to the fountain. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

In the yearit was enclosed sub- stantially at the Prior’s expense ; it is cdex The King’s Bath.


About the year 51, Publius Ostorius Scapula was appointed to the com- mand of the legionary bahtroom in Britain, but on his arrival he found the government, generally, in a disorganized state, and, for security against inroads, established the chain of stations, mentioned pre- viously, along the lines of the Avon, and Severn rivers.

Venner, for, certainly, to him belongs the praise of having first recommended the use of the waters internally. Scipio Nasica made his army build a fleet of galleys, at a time when Eome had no occasion for such a force. Bathfoom, then, stood the Temple of Minerva, in which an ever-burning fire was maintained.

But when the sreies mariner pointed to his votive tablet, in Neptune’s Temple, on the shore, his companion inquired for the record of all those that the sea- god forgot to save.

There are island-dwellings of this mastr in the Euphrates, and remains of similar structures have been found in Papua, or New Guinea. The historian is a practical man, and his labours of a character obviously utilitarian, that receive worldly profit for their recompense ; the antiquary is a man of simple tastes, and his discoveries less evidently tributary to present advantage.

By Gods Marcy and Pumping here formerly ayded,” and on the other, ” Against an Imposthume in his head, caused this to be fixed, June the 13, In their quaint style of narrative, perhaps romance has revelled, imagination played too sportively; yet the legend of Blaedud involves no miracle, and is more entirely divested of the marvellous than those emblematical myths, on masster the Cex and Ko- man, in olden times, and the greater portion of the oriental world in the present, have rested their religious faith.

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Maintenance and repair of buildings, toilets, bathrooms, etc. From King Brute was descended, but eighth in succession, Lud Hudibras, a prince of indomitable courage and prudent policy. Serirs from this period and under the reign of Queen Anne, Bath began to assume a new character ; it became the resort of the nobility, the asylum of wealthy invalids, a permanent city.

Where those royal aud noble personages were respectively lodged, cannot now be pointed out with precision. To prevent discovery, he asked permission to drive his herd to the other side of the Avon, where he hoped to fatten them on the acorns that fell in the thick woods which clothed the overhanging hills.


At length she arrived at Bourbon l’Archambault, the Crfx Springs of which proved ultimately bene- ficial to her malady. This ring bears the mastdr ing inscription on one side: Fragments of that forgotten world, -of those lacustrine abodes, have been detected recently by M. But, neither the advice nor the experiment possessed originality, for, it was just a century before, that Fernel, phy- sician to Catherine de Medicis, wife of Henry II. Engraved exjressfy for the Histn c Gaa e to Batt F.

The Barton-house, Queen Elizabeth’s unpre- tending residence, still survives, as well as the house occupied by the establishment of Queen Charlotte. But his discre- tion ultimately proved greater than his valour, and, suspecting discovery, he effected his escape.

The corporation have caused the inscriptions on the rings that remain, to be renewed, msater their very liberal, and public- spirited restoration of the whole mineral-water establishment and property, in the years By the interchange of the dental letters t and d, these names become closely assimilated, and, perhaps, simply mean a deeply-embo- somed, basin-shaped, valley, BaSos. Above and behind these vaulted closets, and beneath the Pump Koom, a corridor extends, into which, open the dressing, and reclining bath-rooms, altogether superior in fittings and furniture to many that are numerously visited bv English travellers and invalids on the continent.

A flattering quotation from the voluminous ” History of the Rebellion,” appears on the principal front, the place of honour, giving some few particulars of the action. This Thomas White was Lord Mayor of London inand he appears, from his mode of showing gratitude to his country, to have clearly understood the foun- dation of political prosperity, by the estimate he formed of moral character. James’ Fount was close by the church so styled. Captain Henry Chapman, Mayor of Bath incaused a tablet to be inserted in the west wall of this Bath, the inscrip- tion on which set forth, that these waters were free to the public, by the bounty of God and char- ter of the king.

The Asiatics, panthe- ism, mysticism, the parents of confusion ; but the Romans, order and organization, for a purpose. Amongst the palpable relics of other years, in the vicinity of Bath, none has excited more deep investigation than that landmark of history, the Wans Wodin’s Dyke. It now runs thus — “Avlvs Clavdivs Bathropm sodalis ascitvs – Fabrorum colegio longa seria defossa Hanc cedent e nimia vetvstate labentem – De inventa illic pecvnia refici et repingl cvravit” This interpretation seems rather fanciful than forcible; but, nothing more happy, of a supple- mentary kind, is yet presented to the inquirer.

If we can credit the reports, and rely on the re- searches of modern antiquaries, ,aster a morass, or occasional lake, was the precise place which chief- tains, in pre-historic times, would be disposed to select. A large share of merit and considerable debt of gratitude are due, from Bath, and from the nation generally, to Dr. The birth, growth, and attainment of Bath to its present splendid state of civic maturity, are wholly due to the enterprise and professional skill of Wood.

The area of the King’s Bath, separately, measures fifty-nine feet in length by forty in breadth, and when filled to a depth of ssries feet and a half, con- tains tons, 2 hogsheads and 36 gallons of water.