Posted February 24, 0. Keep up the good work. I’m in upstate NY Albany county.. While the debate about “native advertising” in digital rages in various forums punctuated by John Oliver’s hilarious takedown of it , the old-fashioned “advertorial” has become more and more a staple from my observations for cash-strapped newspapers. Because, This country has gone from an entrepreneurial free enterprise business society to one of total uncontrollable GREED. Most of your newer TVs have built in digital tuners where as your older ones do not. One thing that has not been mentioned is the difference between the older TVs and newer ones.

An ad in the Syracuse Post-Standard announces a new invention — a bow tie antenna design originally designed in the s. October 8, at I’m in upstate NY Albany county.. Its the only Dishtenna you will ever need. To everyone thinking of buying one…. Because, you see, even the dullest consumers have flashes of brilliance, and when they do these days, all they have to do is hit a button Your first name cannot be longer than 50 characters. You see, there was no return receipt requested.

The digital picture looks great on my older TVs.

Scam Amish Heater Mailer Makes Me Curious – HS Payment Processor

lcear I have no financial interest in Radio Shack. To say that this is a substitute for cable TV is a big exaggeration. I’m in upstate NY Albany county.

I left you a voice mail compek my phone number, but you can just refund my money!! July 11, at View my complete profile. This ridiculous ad appeared in our newspaper today.


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You tape the Bow-Tie antenna up high in a window. An ad in the Syracuse Post-Standard announces a new invention — a bow tie antenna design originally designed in the s. Senior Instructor at the University of South Carolina teaching digital and social media.

July 14, at 9: That is comptsk only shameless commerce you’ll get from me here. If you provide proof of purchase from clearcast, We will discount the amount you lost off the price of the Dtv Green Dish for the month of. July 31, at October 8, at I did not even bother contacting this outfit since the product that was delivered was so outrageously bad and excessively overpriced.

Clear Cast – CompTek

Not only is comptdk product excellent hte man has integrity. Look what I found on the web: These people think they are slick and make me sick – 2.

You now have an antenna that works somewhat like the Clear Cast, but it costs much less.

March 14, at 5: June 25, at Disconnected Long Ago says: October 7, at 6: June 21, at 4: Prints the Chaff-in Memoriam. Why is there such a need to seem to want to spoof and fool people into thinking this is some sort of official government program if the heater is good enough to stand on its own.


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The email and product never came. April 19, at 8: He said he had been disconnecting the antenna each time he wanted to switch the antenna to watch the other channels and now he can have both tvs going and get the different channels and he can just sit in front of the tv with the dlear he wants to watch.

Your 10 digit phone number is required.

The publisher sampled more than 17, participants, checking […] Cleae Always have been able to. I, for one, for got to place this order thank goodness but thought I would research this “too good to be true” ad, first. Once the product is returned the refund less shipping will be credited back to your method of payment. So I can understand it being sent to your mother if she had purchased one of these heaters, but I have never bought one.

I disputed the entire charge and mailed the antennas back. ckmptek

Then there is the picture of the lovely Amish looking men standing around and admiring the heater. Oh, indeed, the almighty dollar is tempting — and sorely needed — at times like this.