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Christina Hendricks loves to cook | Entertainment and celebrity news

Christina Hendricks constantly tries “to impress [herself]” in the kitchen.

The former ‘Mad Men’ actress is trying to cut back on her meal prep and has pledged to do “less and less” with her recipes, instead of constantly trying to outdo her culinary creations.

Speaking at the launch of grocery delivery service Good Eggs, she told People magazine: “I love to cook, I’m a foodie.

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“When I was in my twenties, I was so excited to learn to cook and I learned to cook on my own. But I was always trying to push myself; I was making all these really complicated recipes from Thomas Keller which took three days and I always used to have Gourmet and Bon Appétit and I was inspired by everything I read.

“What I love about tonight is that it doesn’t have to be a four hour process. Just fresh ingredients and just grilling a piece of fish with some good veggies, and that’s it. so delicious. So that’s what I’m looking forward to: convincing myself to go back to making simple, quick and fresh cooking rather than trying to impress myself.”

The 46-year-old star’s latest dining opportunity came when she cooked a “big Sunday roast”, featuring Yorkshire puddings for her British guests, followed by pots of chocolate cream.

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She said: “I would say the last thing I cooked…probably three weeks ago I had a big Sunday roast. I had a traditional roast beef with vegetables, a nice salad fennel and Yorkshire puddings.

“One of our guests was Jake Scott, who is Ridley Scott’s son, and I wanted to make sure he had a good Yorkshire pudding, so he gave me his mum’s recipe and I took it. made for him.

“I don’t like chocolate, but I like creamy things. I’m usually a fruit and cream type, but chocolate cream tubs appeal to everyone.”

Christina also enjoys watching cooking competition shows, but nothing comes close to her beloved “Top Chef.”

She said: “I’ve been watching ‘Top Chef’ for 12 years or something.

“I’m obsessed, it’s always been my favourite. I still haven’t watched ‘The Great British Baking Show’ and tried to get into ‘Iron Chef’ and stuff like that, I just like the kind of a more personal feeling of ‘Top Chef.’ It’s like a more complete show.”