When Mao-chan and the other devil children have to get inoculated, Shin needs to get over his fear of shots to help them. The daycare’s Principal announces to the devil children that there will be a “Lend A Hand” contest. Mao-chan gets jealous when Honoka is not paying attention to him and tries to get her attention by throwing a tantrum. The Principal ordered some magic powder that can be used to make clay figures come alive and battle! Archived from the original on October 23, Mao-chan and the others can use magic from wearing these special costumes even though their Mamas didn’t make those costumes.

Anime and Manga portal. It’s a competition to see who can be the most helpful to their Mamas and Papas. Honoka becomes intimidated by Shin when he constantly scolds her for her clumsiness. Mao-chan learns what a kiss is for and begins to give everyone a peck on the cheek to show his affection for them. Mao-chan is saved by a strange person who knows Mao-chan’s true nature. After having spoken his first word, Mao-chan learns to say new words.

Soon after leaving, she realizes that she loves Mao-chan and runs straight back to the daycare center. They use these abilities to protect their parents. When Mao-chan and the other gostfr children have to get inoculated, Shin needs to get over his fear of shots to help them.

Later that night, Mao-chan comes down with a fever. They can be translated the same way. But what is a butler?

After Itsuki helps cut Karin’s hair, Natsuki will do anything to change it back. Itsuki, her father figure, uses this chance to play a trick on her. Honoka begins to realize her feelings for Shin.


Reading the book that the Principal gave her, Honoka stops Mao-chan’s fever by allowing him to release magic. Part Two Everybody is enjoying their stay at Pepe’s house in the Devil World until they discover the toilet has a secret But disaster strikes when he accidentally ruins his artwork, but Honoka is still happy even though his present is a bit messed up.

This is the perfect chance for Mao to try to get over his fear of ghosts and make a friend in the process.

Retrieved August 18, The daycare’s Principal shows everyone the “Magic Testing Room” where there are many costumes for the devil children to wear and to try different kinds of magic. Honoka’s time with Mao-chan has come to an end. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Part Two Honoka continues to be persistent until Shiori’s true feelings are episods.

Mao-chan and the other devil children meet someone new, but they find it hard to interact with the strange creature. After being bitten by a mosquito, Karin declares war on them. Retrieved 14 July Then the Principal voxtfr a brilliant vistfr He refuses to cry to show that he is strong and tough. Tensai Terebi-kun program block, airing from October 10, [6] to February 17, Mao has a cavity so the Principal summons a dentist from the Devil World to deal with it using devil magic.

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With Shin’s help, Honoka expresses her lonely feelings to cchibi Aunt. Honoka and Shin get to meet Karin-chan’s father figure, who turns out to be Natsuki’s younger brother, Itsuki. Mao-chan is a picky eater. Mao-chan, Karin-chan, and Rai-chan go to dev supermarket for the first time on their own. Pepe accompanies them with a camera on hcibi head so that Honoka, Shiori, and Natsuki can watch the children’s behavior from the daycare.


Each episode is exactly 5 minutes long. Kings of My Love — Age 12 — An anime television series based on the manga was announced in the October issue of Ciao. Honoka and Shin get some help from Mao-chan to find out why. However, when Xevi taking his toy car to get ready for bed time, he rebels the next day at the daycare. Part Two The group continues the Big Adventure by entering the treasure cave.

Part One The daycare Principal orders a dream picture book that allows all the sleeping devil children to share the same dream when the book is placed underneath their pillows.

Retrieved 15 October Anime and Manga portal.

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Mao-chan is saved by a strange person who knows Mao-chan’s true nature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved July 14, Itsuki goes to the same school and is in the same grade as Honoka.

The daycare principal promises Honoka that he will get Mao-chan used to eating cucumbers. Mao’s childishness has overwhelmed him and he’s reverted to a baby!