Arawn January 9, at 1: I have been teaching and tutoring French for the last 17 years, and I have never expected my students who have been of various ages to speak fluently or sound like native speakers after even a year of regular and diligent teaching and tutoring, let alone Koreans who happen to learn it for a few hours maybe for the sake of a few lines in a drama. Dong-wook will reveal one thing: NikaNika January 8, at 2: But to SK, keeping it to herself could be an unnecessary burden. She hopes that Tommy can relay her suggestion, since doing it herself would be unseemly when she attends the Royal Group Charity Bazaar. How else were they supposed to advertise the phone?

Looks like a full moon. SK, on the other hand I empathize with. This show is so good at making me switch sides. First, he has to show the ability to forgive mom, dad, ex, etc. The mum who supposedly abandoned her child. I usually try to not let it bother me, however I get bugged when we are told that a character in a Kdrama lived abroad for a certain amount of time usually, at least a year and they don’t seem to speak or manage to speak the language.

Everyone prefers the truth. Maybe a shower would cheongdamdlng me back to Alice. Seung-jo describes the numerous branches to Artemis and how Chairman Robert only uses Artemis products.

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And yet Seung-jo has proven to be equally as selfish and immature episodde his wrongdoing. But I feel that, story-wise, he needs to become strong enough.

He does not yet get it that being a couple means taking life-relevant decisions together. The anachronism you speak of is probably there to amp up the narrative tension of this and countless other dramas but you raise an interesting point. Uh-oh… In-hwa sees him coming in and then double back for someone, pulling her out by the hand: PTSD is pretty much the worst acquired i.


Are there mental hospitals in Korea filled with “family prisoners? So, “Come away, oh” and “Gum sum uh duh”: Which is what makes me so wary of the drama trope of “when to tell the big secret?

Now that you mention it I got your reference to the “k I don’t know, but either way he didn’t get stronger and is still a kid in his mind I saw her downloading and they kept showing the speed it was downloading.

Pot calling the kettle black. I think it will take me my lifetime to learn it, but I really love it, honestly and I am from Africa, btw: What does the Tick know about him anyway?

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Kr as a national treasure. But then she sent that letter and ran away – I never really got the running away thing – and toyed with Seung-jo’s feelings though honestly, it seemed like she was hurting more over it than anyone else, from all the crying she’s done.

She is impressed he has the means just pick up and go whenever he likes and he worries that it was too much. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Han Se-kyung has written a letter to the president of Artemis about she has to break up with So In-chan because of their financial situation. I agree with you on that personality amnesia of Il-nam.

He kindof reminds me of Daniel Choi’s character in Baby-faced beauty. And despite his line of business, he feels a strong hatred towards women who marry for money and are obsessed with designer labels. I have cheongeamdong clung to the one optimistic part of Seung Jo’s past, that he became episoed on his own through sheer grit and effort.


It’s not THAT big sum of a money after all. I totally agree with what you said And lastly “Hangeul” is the alphabet in spisode the Korean language is written. Yoon-joo returns home, and Se-kyung leaves the apartment complex — only to cheongdammdong into Seung-jo waiting for her outside. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Her brother calls, asking for updates about her predicament, but she coolly tells him nothing new happened and hangs up.

I can understand why Il Nam wouldn’t have recongized SK. But then it all turned out to be just a disappointment. It cheongdamxong boils down to social class and financial status in society. Tommy is still extremely apologetic over the failed match, but Il-nam wants to know more about Se-kyung.

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Team Mad Rabbit joins them, taking alicce. He then calls up Yoon-joo, but she rejects his call as her husband has just come back from the party. They have to be able to assimilate it within their hearts. His son counters that some matches with elite women ended in divorce. Episodes by LollyPip. Virtuous women are the ones who make people happy and demonstrate cheerfulness in the face of adversity.