I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Why am I not invested in the other characters like I am with him There was so much random emo in this that was just unrealistic. Though it is their worst fear, Ah-jung pleads to the gods? Master of the Mask” is way ahead of anything else. But even so Se-kyung turns away and escapes to her room, still at a loss over what to do. Deuk-gi thinks his daughter is pretty and lovable no matter what, and the two embrace affectionately. Il-nam takes his leave, and Yoon-joo collapses on the floor in the staircase.

He offers to close down the store and use the money for the both of them to run away. So Yi Hyun Main Cast. He really did have to struggle from the bottom up. Those peeps on the blogs probably know about ep Your email address will not be published. HSK is such a complex and rich character, I detest her actions, but I don’t hate her.

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Crying, laughing, talking is all the same for her. Meanwhile, In-hwa and Min-hyuk have dinner with Il-nam, and In-hwa suggests that he open a shopping complex on the outskirts cheongxamdong the city.

I loveeee this drama. So that’s her ringtone. Did anyone notice that all the females have a motive SK- wanted to improve her life SJ- Same thing In Hwa- Getting matched to a wealthy man so that she can improve her status. Can 2 weeks come any faster??? But then, am I just wanting more of something I reallyreallyreallyreally like?

She found herself different from all those other couples who seemed to marry without love, including Yoon-joo, but Yoon-joo sets her straight. She tries to tell Tommy that even if it may be laughable to him, Seung-jo really does love her. Shin So Yul Supporting Cast. Dong-wook wonders if Se-kyung knows how in love with her he is. Regarding Inhwa, though i originally wanted to like her character I am definetley getting shades of evil from her big time.


You will receive a link cheongdandong create a new password via email. I knew that both 9 and 10 had been aired, so I was very much looking forward to a two hour dive into CdA.

Ah-jung wants to know if she has any plans tonight, as a former classmate of theirs is having a gallery show that evening.

Se-jin practically gets goosebumps over how much Seung-jo worships the ground her sister walks on. Moreover, the tone of the voice and languages used in the historical dramas are very different from that of a modern drama, Loved this ep although I am a little not getting the tears of guilt and sadness, I know this is cold-hearted.

Cheongdam-dong Alice

Curioser And Curiosor January e;isode, at 3: The amount of pain she causes secretary Kim viku me not like her. He takes some pictures with Deuk-gi inside, and then asks him what it is that he talks to his daughter about. In Heartstring she felt out of place but this world fits her pretty well. He meets Se-kyung at the cafe, and she immediately gets down to business about the party. Thanks for the recaps!

I think he loves her.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 9 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Today I take a look at this quirky upcoming title before sharing the usual collection of weekly news. Oh and shout to PSH as always. I had imagined a more grandeur revelation scene, where Se-kyung arrives at the party and Seung-jo is triumphantly introduced as the CEO Jean Thierry Cha, and her jaw drops.


I was really impressed with the delivery of her lines. He suggests Il-nam try it with his kids, and Il-nam wonders if going out for a meal with Seung-jo may help heal their relationship.

They are supposedly getting married on the 3rd of August, according to sources. This was a 0. Instead, she calls Seung-jo.

Yoon-joo bolts upright and rushes out of cheomgdamdong room. Given what I know so far, it might be a bit embarrassing but I doubt it’d be something her husband who seems super sweet would leave her for or anything like that.

I heard you were on sick leave. Master of the Mask” is way ahead of anything else. Imadeit is now trembling because the sheets she bought, sure are making her bed uncomfortable, or about to. Goo Won Supporting Cast. Seung Jo is uber cute especially with the expression face rabbits Master of the Mask” set a record yet again with just one more week to go.

Don’t see Daddy Cha as holding all the strings. I am enjoying it and loving it so much.

I hear you both, sistah! Kim Seung Soo Supporting Cast.