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Celebrity News: Amy Schumer’s shocking health discovery after intensive endometriosis surgery

Amy Schumer learned she had several ‘chocolate cysts’ growing in her ovaries and a tumor in her appendix following extensive surgery she underwent this month.

The 40-year-old actress underwent surgery last week, which involved the removal of her uterus and appendix to help manage it. endometriosis.

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Amy Schumer in the hospital last week, following her intensive surgery. (Instagram)

Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside of it. It is largely undiagnosed in women, with many doctors confuse the symptoms of terrible menstrual pain with just one-off symptoms.

The star suffered from extensive endometriosis and said she had been dealing with unbearable menstrual pain for years, without a diagnosis.

Sharing an update a week after her surgery, Schumer said she “felt stronger and more excited about life.”

In his post, Schumer has attached a small photo gallery, as well as a video recording of his conversation with Dr. Tamer Seckin, who runs his own specialty clinic, the Seckin Endometriosis Center in New York.

“I cry through most of the discoveries,” Schumer admitted of the video. “I had a tumor in my endo ravaged appendix. Chocolate cysts in both ovaries. Endo of uterus, psoas all over. All my lifelong pain explained and removed from my body. I’m already a changed person,” the star wrote.

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In the audio recording, which can be heard at the top of this story, Dr. Seckin tells Schumer that his team removed 30 “samples” from his body, 26 of which were endometriosis.

Schumer said she had regained energy after the operation, adding: “I’m overjoyed for the new energy I have to be with my son.” She also said she believed the discovery of her extreme endometriosis could be linked to her “difficult pregnancy” and hyperemesis – a condition in which women experience extreme nausea and vomiting long after pregnancy.

Amy Schumer and her endometriosis specialist, Dr. Tamer Seckin
Schumer shared a sweet photo of herself and her doctor, Dr. Tamer Seckin. (Instagram@amyschumer)

The star was incredibly candid about her struggles during pregnancy on social media after becoming pregnant with son Gene in 2018.

In her latest post, the star spoke about the lack of research on endometriosis, which continues to affect hundreds of women around the world.


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Schumer’s post inspired a flood of responses from famous friends and likeable followers.

“I’m so glad you have this relief. No one should have to live with insane amounts of pain or organ mutilation from new drugs for flaccid penises. Or live without explosive t-shirts like this ❤️”, wrote women who kill actress Rachel Feinstein.

“I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling better and THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING UP! It’s really infuriating that women are in so much pain and the medical world is like 🤷🏾,” added comedian and actress Ashley. Nicole Black.

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