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Britney Spears released from 13-year conservatorship – ‘The best day of my life’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

The singer’s battle over her conservatorship ended on Friday as a Los Angeles judge officially ended the conservatorship put in place by the 39-year-old’s father in 2008. The pop star had earlier revealed that years that her father controlled whole parts of her. private life, including his finances, his right to remarry or to visit his teenage sons.

A conservatorship is being used for people who cannot make their own decisions and has been put in place due to concerns about his mental health, as reported by the BBC.

“Her life was in shambles and she was in physical, emotional, mental and financial distress,” lawyers representing Jamie Spears said in earlier court documents.

Her father earlier said the system was “necessary”, but agreed it was time for her “to take back control of her life”.

As fans gathered outside the Los Angeles courthouse with “Free Britney” signs, they celebrated the singer’s official freedom with shouts, glitter and song.

As part of the ruling, Judge Penny said an accountant who served as a temporary custodian should retain certain powers to deal with ongoing financial issues.

On the eve of the court hearing in the capital, the singer shared a photo of herself wearing a #FreeBritney t-shirt, after the now historic campaign initiated by her fans.

“It’s a human rights movement,” the T-shirt reads.