Bride of the Century: You can find more of our ramblings on our blogs or start a conversation with us on Twitter: A cake-eating contest is too much, Kang-joo says, which has Roo-mi curious. When she asks for water, Jin-joo volunteers to fetch it and makes a big production of dropping the water on Yi-kyung and on the piano. Leeann cheers on Monstar after latching onto Kang-in. While Kang Ju is a bit harsh, she knew what her family was doing by marrying her off. Doo-rim gives the kitten, named Coco, to Jin-joo to take care of for now. And this strange relationship these two have creeps me out.

What would you do if you had to continue a strange family legacy? If they understand the workings of the curse, that is. Just go have fun with your friends and money. She gets teary and I laugh at her idiocy. Doo-rim struggles to curb her gag reflex as he lies without effort. This situation is pretty shifty because they both have points, humane and business.

Yi-kyung freaks out, demanding to know who she is and why she keeps appearing before her.

He takes a disturbing look over his shoulder though…. Kang-in comes to scold Kang-joo for working Epdrqma so hard that she passed out. Bride of the Century: She wants to know if the rumors she heard are true and if the first wife of the first-born son is sacrificed.

We all have to start somewhere. Did that bother anyone else?

If the firstborn son marries for love the first time, and the bride always dies, it would make sense for the family to want to marry him off for convenience the first time around and spare him the heartache of losing his love right off the bat.

I was wondering if it was perhaps Yi-hyun hiding Yi-kyung away, but it was Jae-ran. When she asks for water, Jin-joo volunteers to fetch it and makes a big production of dropping the water on Yi-kyung and on the piano.


Ah, explains the black dots. Click here to learn more. Raine — We get some cuteness and a whole bunch of second lead and mother-in-law annoyances. Kang-joo tells Kang-in to call home once and a while to keep mom from worrying and he forces Doo-rim to leave too.

When Doo-rim asks Mrs. This show was billed as a melodrama… The other issue I have is that the side characters are seriously there as plot pushers. To make matters worse, Roo-mi comes looking for Kang-joo about an appointment and gives Doo-rim a very curious once over. Brie of which, what is with that ending scene to episode 2?

So how about we talk about Choi Kang Epdramw for a bit. Her family has been tasked with serving Ha Baek Nam Joo Hyuka reincarnated water god, for many generations, and So Ah is forced to do the same.

Bride of the Water God

Sorry, this content is not licensed bdide your region. Doo-rim is curious why the furious worker got fired, and it was for smoking on the job.

Her mother seems like your typical snotty, desperate pain but her brother, Yi Hyun, seems to be incredibly sweet and overprotective of his little sister.

Fill in epdramw details below or click an icon to log in: She moves to storm off, but he stops her and episods that he stopped the clip of the cake-eating contest. She wants to set a wedding date and Jae-ran is stuck with picking a wedding date. I have high hopes for this drama!

Cast – Centkry of the Water God. They have no lives of their own. Just as Yi Hyun drank with the workers at the construction site, it gave them a better view of him because he was willing to get down to their level, for lack of a better way to say that.


Kang-in is standing in the lineup of six. She quickly hands it off to Brjde and then passes out. After tea, the old man asks Dad not to come back anymore. She told the monk to give the mom anything she wanted, but that was when it was still her real daughter as the target.

Doo-rim returns home and says her interview went well and deflects onto Yi-hyun when she sees his hand is hurt. Bride Of The Century – Episode 4. Jin-joo finds the fact that she has a doppelganger more curious and wonders if there is a birth secret. Squee away lol I am also very excited to see him fall really hard for her.

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And she can give as good as she gets. Makes me think the drama is going to use the average drama tropes and put a twist to them. Outside she freaks out over her stupid mouth running away with her again. Roo-mi scolds a very confused Jin-joo and sends her off.

Jin-joo tells Doo-rim that Roo-mi posted the video clip. But he needs that. Just finished episode 3 and 4 after refreshing gooddrama. Does the curse only some into effect if the guy is in love with the woman?

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