One of the women responds by saying that she should be neutral, if women are doing work at home then men are doing work outside to provide for the family. She waits until Karima leaves and calls her boyfriend again wishing that he would answer the call. She says that she knows what the women of the village are afraid of. After having no success, she attempted negotiating Rhimou into buying some of her cheap contraband clothes and left when the latter shouted at her saying that it her father had just died and that it was not the time for business. The following morning, the maid confesses to another maid that she is saddened by the death of their employer and the he was a kind and generous man, she even wished that Mennana, her mistress, died instead of him because of her rough treatment towards them. Regarder bnat lalla mennana saison 2 episode 10;. At the first glance this might seem like an ordinary scene. She pretends that she is attracted to him and that arouses his suspicions which push him to leave hurriedly.

Remember me on this computer. Indeed, this scene reinforces this image of grievances that mother in laws nurse towards their daughter in laws and vice versa; the two women are depicted as fierce rivals in numerous occasions. Bahia in the Father’s Room Episode 1, He explains that he left his friends and came so as not to leave her alone in her ordeal and she replies by saying that her father is dead and thus she already is alone. Furthermore, to highlight the political efforts that have been made in the last years it has been seen fit to incorporate a sitting of the parliament to shed light on the political plans that have been issued to ameliorate the image of women in the audiovisual scene. Mounia quickly gets angry with him for talking about her sister that way. Mounia soon realizes that her sister is merely being cynical.

This is uncannily 23 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www. She says that she knows what the women of the village are afraid of. Their maid who is present at the ceremony asks 26 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www.

By telling Youssef 28 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www. The natural film soundtrack Cabin creek films running from crazy F1 season review sky Pursuit of happyness movie main character Venom trickshots dvd model The chemical garden trilogy movie Wpisode full hindi movie Webtv pk channel watch ary digital live Greys anatomy season 9 episode 24 part 1 Dharma greg season 2 subtitles.


The name of the series is the village in which its main events take place. She replies that it is neither an embarrassment nor a scandal, and that the only reason they think so is because men were accustomed to women being silent and obedient but now they have freewill.

The latter accused Mennana of burying her son before she could see mnanna one last time. Mounia expresses her desire to get married and tells Karima that Rachid has just returned from Spain and that he is downstairs with her father.

Bnat Lala Mnana 30

Amina ironically remarks that Karima is neither like rural girls nor Spanish ones. Moments later, their sister Rhimou asked them to put an end to it and not to embarrass them in front of the neighbors.

After confirming her eposode, he tells Younes that her hair does not look natural and that she is probably wearing contact lenses.

Log In Sign Up. Mounia quickly lalaa angry with him for talking about her sister that way. Amina, an educated woman who migrated with her husband from the city to the village, is depicted as a woman who criticizes everything and engages in trivial discussions while her husband was portrayed as a man of manners who did condone her actions. Another aspect of the misrepresentation of women is that they are repeatedly 2031 in a position where they heartlessly speak about banal things the new fridge in this case or trying to seek personal benefit promoting her merchandize in the most opportune of moments without regard to the personal feelings of others.

Her friends are afraid that she might have killed him and she says that he deserves it for peeking at them. The scene shows how mentalities are difficult to change in rural areas where women have internalized their subordination to men and their roles as housewives and nurturers. He explains that he left his friends and came so as not to leave her alone in her ordeal and she bnqt by saying that her father is dead and thus she already is alone.

Ismail and Amina Episode 1, Aicha suddenly changes the subject upon noticing that they have lsla seemingly new fridge and asks Rhimou about it.

Bnat lalla mennana 2013 episode 3

She offered the daughters her condolences as she sat next to one of the guests. Chama then entered the scene and ran to hug her grandmother and they sobbed mnama Rhimou and Bahia soon joined them. Bahia in the Father’s Room Episode 1, Karima and the Women of the Village Episode 1, Again, Hajj Bahi uses the same techniques to persuade Rachid to marry Karima by praising her cooking abilities even though she did not prepare the tea at all.


She wonders aloud and asks Rhimou whether alla was a contraband or under warranty. Hajj blames Hssina, a servant, for not keeping an eye on Karima like he was told.

Bnat Lalla Mennana- épisodes 28 & 29 part – Vidéo dailymotion

The Hajj asks about the whereabouts of his two girls and the maid replies that Mounia is in her room while Karima is out. The second series that will be featured in the practical part is Dar el Ghezlane. As soon as she opened the letter she discovered what seemed to be a will but someone called her before she could read it. The series begins with the death of their father, an event to which Mennana reacted with a surprising composure and asked her daughters not to shed a single tear before the sun rises.

Imad and Chama Episode 1, This series was selected to highlight the situation that women live under after the death of the father and how their mother becomes an alternative source of authority and oppression.

Analysis of the Images of Women 1. This confirms her views on the matter and reinforces the stereotypical tendency of conservative fathers to resort to violence in order to solve family issues instead of more civilized alternatives.

Hajj Bahi tries to fix things by saying that she is indeed one of a kind. Karima eloquently responds by saying that she is not addressing her father now, because her father is at home.

The Chaperone online for epissode on this page by streaming the. Rhimou was surprised to discover, for the first time, that their father used to smoke a pipe.