English American Sign Language. This is her car. She says, thank you, you have nice eyes, too. Koothrappalli Alice Amter as Mrs. Well, wealthy means a lot of money, and vastly means even more. We enter the dungeon. The Big Bang Theory.

I mean, what kind of relationship is it where you buy her gifts and she gives you sex? We should really talk to Raj. Keep telling yourself that. Dude, what is she saying? Maybe we should revisit your lonely fat guy plan. Big Bang Theory Transcripts All the episodes, right here. Do you really want that?

Um, Howard, can I see you for a minute, please? Tell her I have a deep, sexy voice like James Earl Jones. I made you smooth.

What are you doing? Don’t get me wrong.

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If you were me, would you kiss her? Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. I remember those days.

Well, so how much is that? The Big Bang Theory —. Well, wealthy means a lot of money, and vastly means even more. Look, I know they have money.


It also received more viewers than any other show on CBS airing that night. You know, by letting him buy you a bunch of expensive things. I was so smooth on that date. Season 5 Episode 4. Retrieved April 14, She gives me things, too.

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Although, the people at Cartier took a pretty good shot at it. Want to Make a Cult Classic? Why are you still doing this? Use the HTML below. Edit Storyline Especially with Howard and Bernadette’s impending marriage, everyone, including Raj himself, is feeling sorry for Raj not having a girlfriend. Archived from the original PDF on December 15, My parents are making me choose between money and fuull.

Retrieved May 23, Well, I choose love. However, they soon change their minds about Emily’s feelings, believing that she has only one selfish interest in Raj, which makes them see Raj in a slightly different light.

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Yeah, every night for the last month. Raj Koothrappali Mayim Bialik Well, from time to time, I notarize banking documents for Raj. Raj catalhst to continue dating Emily anyway, but once she discovers he is no longer rich and that he has to return the expensive gifts he bought her, she dumps him.


And hey, since when are episoee so chatty? He knew where the bodies were buried, ’cause they weren’t buried deep. Tell her, her eyes shimmer like opalescent lilies in the lake of the palace of the celestial maidens.

He cried and ate half the samples. Retrieved from ” https: Start With a Classic Cult. Look at you guys just hitting it off. This is my friend Emily.