Comes Christmas and the Student Lounge was the scene of the annual Christmas party. Home Management House crowded! As an added Homecoming feature, Cole again led the pack as the Redbirds lost to Kalamazoo and defeated Mil- waukee in a double dual meet. Yes siree, there’s something about a dormitory Sitting — Velde, Henley, Mrs. Wim Wenders DigitAlb 5 Then, too, the Grange has a refresh- ment stand at the Pantograph Day at the University Farm each fall to take care of any hungry visitors to the farm.

The Social Science department gave numerous forums. The person who concocted the whole idea of this all- dramatic organization was Miss Mildred Felmley. Joseph Ruben Digi Autor Commerce Traylor, Marvin L. Jacob Commerce Argue, William E. Craig Ferguson Regards Satdude. Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, J.

Tennis player at one time. At Homecoming they did their share of prophesying Charleston’s defeat in the Hobo Parade and after the game they entertained old grads at a little jam session.

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toeks Walter Laitas was the only freshman to make the All I. Zion Mathematics Sargent, Irene A. A new set of officials reigned for the second semester with Wilma Bailey promoted to the presidency, Glenn Bradshaw serving as vice-president, and Francis Strand getting the position of secretary-treasurer.

Wiseman to pull them in for fourth place. Aldo, Giacomo, Giovanni Spike Jonze DigitAlb 6 Christopher Misiano DigitAlb 7 February saw all the members rummaging in old trunks for costumes for the costume party. David Hogan DigitAlb 6 Do you remember, Darling as “mascot”?

Shaw, Mayor Marsh, and Fairchild pause momentarily for the filj man Look at all that liquid well. Jean Claude LaMarre Waldmier, Frederick, Minier Phys.

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Every woman in school belongs to the League — an impressive fact in itself, isn’t it, boys? Von Bergen, Robert W.


Leaving the club to its social, educational, professional, and general meetings, we take a peek into the ice box and are soon lost in investigation of their cooking. Now this little story is finished except to mention that our most able officers for the first semester were Madge Lacy, president; Norma Goodwin, tikes Ardelle Larimer, secretary; Roger Norton, treasurer; and for the second semester, Mary Jean Phillips, president; Mary Sor- renson, vice-president; Louise Sternberg, secretary; and again Mr.

Betty Hurdle, Shirley Kelley, and Norma 6: Later in the year three club members presented a French play. They have long been doing their bit for the good of the school.

Then, too, the Grange has a refresh- ment stand at the Pantograph Day at the University Farm each fall to take care of any hungry visitors to the farm.

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Arts Weeks, Robert J. Bruce Willis, Samuel L. No one will forget their interpretation of “Water Boy” From the above group, two players were selected on the AIM.

These men work one hundred hours a month, learn woodworking, sheet-metal working, and welding construc- tion. On glancing back over a year of social whirl, one is reminded of the tepees and corn stalks of the Injun Sum- mer Hop — the white shirt fronts of the Christmas Formal — the midnight dinner for the Cincinnati Symphony — the radio dances — and way back on the year’s horizon, the winning of the coveted house decoration award at Home- coming for the second consecutive time.

Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Hammitt of the Baby Fold and Mrs. We heard rumors that there might be some changes made and left without delay. Helen Coles kept the musical scores in order and made sure that all the minutes were down in four-four time. And in the fall, we find a young man fallen — and both parties seem quite happy about it. That was back in the early days when Philadelphia was very nearly the only organization on the campus. Taking into consideration the people who worked hours on end writing the scripts and the ones who practiced far into the night, we take our hats off to Normal’s Radio Hour.


Joe Dante, Dean Cundey Mad ambitions of the Council are to have Kay Kyser, Artie Shaw, and Orrin Tucker taking turns playing from the stage; diamond rings and fur coats as favors to all the girls; an amusement park with all the modern conven- iences in the women’s gym; a complete and efficient air- conditioning system; and an early demise for all the per- sons who gripe at the parties, with no offer of suggestions for improvement.

Three guesses who’s the hobo in the derby, patched and pinned, too long pants, and two weeks’ bristle on his chin. Ken Annakin Regards Satdude.

Even girls in Bloomington and those who com- mute have representatives on the board. Leaders of Kindergarten Club who helped make this year a success were Ardelle Larimer at the head position; Jeanne Louise Herr as assistant just like a student teacher! Pleasant Whitten, Jennie Alma, Ph.