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Benedict Cumberbatch reveals the effect of a carjacking on his psyche | Celebrity News

Benedict Cumberbatch has become an “adrenaline junkie” after being the victim of a carjacking.

The ‘Power of the Dog’ actor – who has sons Christopher, six, Hal, five, and Finn, three, with wife Sophie Hunter – was involved in the terrifying ordeal in 2004 in Namibia and he has admitted that it made him want to “lead a less ordinary life” afterwards.

However, Benedict admitted he doesn’t push himself away as much now because he has a family to think about.

Speaking to the UK edition of OK! magazine, he said: “I came back and went to travel alone in Namibia.

“It got me thinking about living a less ordinary life.

“At that time, I got addicted to adrenaline and spent time with the South African special forces and jumped out of planes and did parachute jumps.

“But I’ve tempered it now. I have three little people at home that I want to stay safe for.

“But there’s always a skateboard in the back of the car – and a surfboard.”

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The 45-year-old actor’s quick-wittedness held off car thieves as he prevented them from stuffing him into the trunk of the vehicle.

He recalls: “We rode on a fairly sketchy stretch of road and we didn’t get far when one of the tires punctured.

“We pulled over and out of the bush these three guys came and drove us off the road and looted the car. It was quite an ordeal.

“There was a suggestion of a gun but I didn’t turn to see it because the moment we got out of the car I was put in the trunk of the car and tied with laces around my hands.

“I argued with them and said, ‘I could be a problem for you. I could die here. It’s a small space. I have a problem with being in a small space. Which is not really true. I thought, ‘I have to give them a reason why this isn’t a good idea.’

“I had to plead for my life and eventually the three of us ended up on the side of the road.”

This article was originally published on famoustainment.com.