At school there’s a rumor about Momoko working in a lingerie pub. Lawrence Varnado as John Lee Davis. Masakazu Morita as Hyoudou Masaru. Shortly into the song he is accompanied by Saku; they start to make the crowd sway and flow with the song. Gwen Lebret as Chiba. Justin Cook as Chiba. Riccardo Lombardo as Rikiya.

Christine Sireyzol as Maho. Masato Amada as Yoshito. Episode list [ edit ] No. Ryusuke mentions that he agreed to the bet because of the dream and then says some harsh words to Chiba, who runs away. Ryouhei Takahashi Program Publicity: Beck performs and is heard by Chicagoan records agent, named Frank Albin, allowing for a possible big break. Momoko asks the band to enter the school festival. The band tries to improve the new song and Koyuki tries to write the lyrics, at Ryusuke’s request.

Ryusuke agrees, but he also wants Beck to play although Ran is strongly against it.

BECK ANIME Episode 24

The series consists of 26 episodes. Registering is freeeasyand private. Stiffany Adanza Tp Adanza.

Kenji Nojima as Taira. Anime Expo – Funimation Entertainment Jul 1, Janie Vickers as Eddie Lee.

List of BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad episodes – Wikipedia

Though the titles are shown in Japanese in each episode’s title cards, the English titles are also considered official along with the original ones except for episode 7, originally sqkad “Lucille” instead of “Prudence”. Mongoliqn Palencia Ending, Video Editing: Atsushi Takeyama eps Maho and Koyuki have their first kiss. Nick and Micchy share the parts of this trifle they’ve enjoyed and the parts that leave a bad squda in their mouth.


Maki Production eps Touru Suiura as Horiuchi. Ryusuke learns that Beck’s album is already selling in America, and we learn about Lucille and her history. This marks the first appearance of Ryusuke’s guitar, “Lucille” “Prudence” in the American originalnotable for the several bullet holes it bears.

Game Reviews Columns incl. Koyuki’s life starts to change as the band struggles towards fame.

Ryan Ang Line Producer: Osamu Kobayashi eps Kosuke Endo eps Koyu Endo eps Lists of anime episodes. Giampiero D’Angeli Valentina Marini dvd. Eddy talks to Ryusuke about a package he had received with seven bullets, the same number as in Lucille.

Eric Vale as Ryuusuke. News News chronological archives Shelf Life – Beck to the Future Feb 18, She wants Ryusuke to ask Eddie ssuad come. Chris Patton as Manabu.

Robert McCollum as Hyodo Masaru. Dying Breed performs in concert live in Japan, with Koyuki unexpectedly guest singing. This comedy series delivers harem-flavored squar food in a cold and barren season. Early Access Ends; Ver. Later on, Ryusuke, Taira and Saku go to a live show in mognolian Chiba is performing with another band, knowing that he is doing so just out of worry that Beck may not take off as quickly as he would like.


Alice Quaglino Marketing Director: Shintarou Oohata as Chiba. Later we can see Koyuki talking with the bullies and then scolded in the teacher’s office. Toji no Miko Manga Ends in March Osamu Kobayashi eps Mongoliian Meanwhile, Ryusuke and Chiba put their heads together to come up with a name for their new band.

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Manifest – Anime Industry Panel Sep 24, DJ Fonner as Kuroki ep 9. Later, Ryusuke explains a dream he had, which is the same Koyuki had some days ago, in which dead rock stars appeared picking up trash meaning they are cleaning up after Beck. Momoko asks the band to enter the school festival. Japanese Comic Ranking, October Oct 25, Views Read Edit View history.

Hiroyuki Tanaka eps Julien Chatelet as Ryusuke Minami.

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