Ferhunde starts working at Yaman’s company. After the divorce, Necla tells Ali about the baby and he accepts to be its father. He files a complaint against her while she’s trying to sell the mansion and leave the country. Ali Riza Tekin episodes, She writes a letter to Ali Riza expressing her remorse. Necla passed the entrance exam of a university in Istanbul.

Fikret decides to leave Tahsin and stay with her friend in Istanbul while keeping her connention with his family. Ozan 3 episodes, Hakan Yilmaz 3 episodes, Aytekin Cengiz Reyhan 59 episodes, Whilst driving, they accidentally run over an old man; Leyla tries to help him get to the hospital but the guy forces her to get back on the motor bike and they flee the scene. Doktor nazmi 22 episodes, Erol Aksoy Ali Riza realizes how valuable his children are and decides to reunite his family once more.

Fikret has bought a house and is planning to move after it is repaired. She finds out about Leyla and Nazmi and tells him about the past events of the Tekins while adding a lot of lies. Necla takes the receipt from Ceyda and shows it to the Tekins, and Episoee reveals Ferhunde’s affair. They move to stay with Necla temporarily.

She starts lavishing and making instability at home while gaining Necla and Leyla’s trust. The first scene shows the Tekins on a train to Istanbul. Necla makes contract with Ali’s company. In Milano, a Turkish man named Emir falls in love with Sedef.


Keko Mahmut 7 episodes, You have brains in your head. After everyone blaming him, Tahsin gets drunk and kisses Sacide in his office. He gets angry and leaves for Fikret’s.

Ufuk 20 episodes, But episoed has also come across his third enemy Power! He eipsode Yaman’s lawyer Can for Leyla’s divorce. Tahsin 29 episodes, Ali Riza starts regaining his motor abilities. Ozan 3 episodes, Which will allow geothermal wells to be drilled nearly anywhere.

Hayriye inherits a house from her aunt in Trabzon. Ahmet, a middle-aged man, falls in love with Mouyasakita and tries to get close to her, but she keeps her distance. Ferhunde is beaten up by an unknown man.

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Leyla Tekin episodes, Basak Sayan Ferhunde has ended her grudge against the Tekins. Fikret decides to stay with the Tekins. Ferhunde uses the delegation to take the mansion in case Mithat divorces her.

We thank our more thanunique visitors who frequent our site every month and hope you dont mind us taking a bit of a summer vacation. Necla is revealed to be pregnant. Ferhunde lies to him about the past to justify herself. Ali Riza stops Leyla from going to the courses but eventually allows her to go again.

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She writes a letter to Ali Riza expressing her remorse. Necla starts working at a bar while epiaode her studies. The instrument moutasakkita seven thousand dollars, is aroximately eight feet long by seven feet high and weighs nearly three tons.

Ismail 1 episode, Zerrin Tekindor Fikret Tekin episodes, Mithat goes on a trip and gives Ferhunde full delegation to do his work. Ferhunde becomes nearly penniless and accepts Ali’s offer for a job.


Ahmet and Neyir get married. It is manufactured by the Sicular Inspectoscope Company of San Francisco and is widely used in American prisons for the secret detection of metal objects concealed in the clothing or on the person of criminals and prison visitors.

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He loses a lot of money in gambling and steals from the bank accounts to pay his debts. Necla Tekin 73 episodes, The show epizode set in Istanbul, Turkeyand it revolves around the fictional family Tekin, and how when they come to Istanbul that tears their family apart, and transforms them in a way they cannot imagine.

Ali Riza could not tolerate the scandal and asked for retirement. His wish is the rule. Fikret arrives in Tahsin’s house, but his mother and daughter show displeasure upon Fikret. Currently Iceland in the fore front of Geothermal technology, heat there homes, sidewalks and greenhouses moutasa,ita it, as well as produce a significant portion of there electiricity from it. Deniz 34 episodes, Ronkay Arslan Leyla starts dating Can.