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Anya Taylor-Joy wants to “disappear” on a farm.

The ‘Queen’s Gambit’ actress loves to work but admitted she’s ‘finally figured out’ what she wants from her life as she dreams of being able to step back from the spotlight in her free time and be surrounded by animals .

She said, “I want to live on a farm. I want goats, chickens, ducks, horses, just everything.

“I want to work, come to town when I want – then disappear and ride all day.”

The 25-year-old star is in a relationship with musician and actor Malcolm McRae and has described spending time with his partner as his “hobby”.

She told the new issue of British magazine Vogue: “I told my partner the other day that he was my hobby.

“I see reading as something I have to do.

“He loved it because he’s the same. I finally found someone who will be happy to sit quietly with me reading. We’re basically 80 and seven at the same time and it’s working really well.

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With Anya busy working in America and preparing to fly to Australia to shoot ‘Furiosa’, she and Malcolm – who is based in the UK – are in a long distance relationship, and while it may be difficult , it helps her see the joy in all the time she spends with her partner, no matter what they are doing.

When asked if long-distance love is hard, she replied, “Yeah it is, but it’s also pretty awesome because when you’re together you really appreciate the time you have.

“The mundane everyday activities are so full of joy. I love going to the gas station with him, filling up the car and going to breakfast.

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