The title score of the serial is quite captivating. The supernatural theme engages the viewers while watching the show. Total episodes of the show came on TV. Aamudaala Anjaneyulu, who plays the role of his friend and also his chef, gives him valuable ideas for the enhancement and development of the business, but they turn to be, disastrous. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Anveshitha sung by K. This serial depicts the same, stating the alien life and time travel. The drama also won eight Nandi Awards for its brilliant content and screenplay.

The story revolves around a young woman named Snigdha Yamuna who comes to live in Hyderabad after marrying her beau Pavan Achyuth , an archaeologist , much to the disapproval of her mother-in-law. Jancy Direct youtbue Channel ru-clip. The main leads of the drama are Sharath Babu, Achyuth, Kinnera, and much more. Amrutham serial title song sung by Cute kid Nakshu Prem Kumar 2 years ago. The first 50 episodes revolve around the struggles of Snigdha and Pavan, while the next 50 episodes focus entirely on a grown-up Aniruddh [ permanent dead link ] Shanmukha Srinivas , who acquires extra-sensory perception and starts remembering his past life, with the help of a spirit guide named Clara Suma Kanakala. The writer of the show is, Bindu Naidu. Endamavulu Part 23 Govardhan Prabhu 3 years ago.

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Antharangalu Telugu Serial Episodes

He refuses the marriage proposal from Iswarya, knowing the consequences. The composer of the title anveshira is by Vasurao Saluri. The performances of the lead actors, Yamuna and Achyuth received wide acclaim and the two actors became household names throughout the state. The serial was based on a paranormal novel of the same name written by the director Ilias Ahmed. Antahpuram – 28th September Episode No etvteluguindia 5 years ago.


The main leads of the show are, Dr. The drama also won eight Nandi Awards for its brilliant content and screenplay.

Where did Mastanamma disappear to? Strangely, the place is visible only to Snigdha and when she recounts what she saw, everyone around her starts to think she is delusional, much to her chagrin.

The story and direction are from Suman, who is also the son of Ramoji Rao.

Anveshitha Episode 81-100 (old serial)

Every family is funny in it’s own way, watch this show to see this family’s comical situations and laugh with them!!! The story revolves around the Preeti Amin, who leaves her family and went on a search of supernatural forces. With its graphical touch episodds devotional excellence, the show got an overwhelming response from the audience.

Who are these Karakinkara followers?

Endamavulu Part 13 Govardhan Prabhu 3 years ago. The most important part of the shows is that the characters and stories are very enthralling. Download my mango app on your android phone now play. Anveshitha Written by Dr. Anveshitha received critical acclaim from critics and audience alike for its unique, interesting and gripping story line.

The graphical content of the show also got a lot of praise from critics and audience. The show producer is, Sudhakar Pallamala. He dreams of expanding his business, but whenever he tries to do so, he gets losses.

His role depicts a miser person, who takes food for free, just because he is a landlord.


Antharangalu telugu serial episodes

Endamavulu Part 8 Govardhan Prabhu 3 years ago. Endamavulu Part 14 Govardhan Prabhu 3 years ago.

Do comment yours in our comment section. The statue of Karakinkara [ permanent dead link ] seems to haunt her wherever she goes and she starts experiencing terrifying nightmares [ permanent dead link ]. The show ran for episodes, and by the time of the telecast of its last episode init became hugely popular among Telugu audience, winning eight Nandi Awards in different categories.

Sumanoharalu Promo Sumano haralu Year ago. Tarangini – Episode – etvteluguindia 5 years ago. Iliyas Jyotsna and direction is from, Ilyas Ahmed.

Endamavulu Part 23 Govardhan Prabhu 3 years ago. The show got so popular for its Story and plots, owing to the remake of the show in Malayalam and Kannada, as well. A lot of movies are also have made on this topic. Each of its episodes lasted for about 30 minutes and srial in the elements of the paranormalblack magicfantasyhorror, mystery and drama. Anveshitha is an Indian horrorsupernatural drama, mystery-thriller television serial written by [ Dr.

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She also falls in love with Pavan and so intends to get rid of Snigdha with the help of Khabees, who starts terrifying Snigdha from above the wardrobe.

The sequences and plots play the excellent part in mystifying the story and direction.

The main leads of the show are, Prabhakar Podakandla and Sri Divya. The next few episodes answer questions like was Snigdha really dead?