What brings you from the assembly? I curse the day I was untrue and left you for that cruel wretch! Remember that the eyes of heaven and earth are watching you; that every heart has its failings to make us merciful to others. The first blow has fallen; the man who struck it now withdraws. Oh, it isn’t stifled. Ungrateful girl, what do you want, then? You know you were mine. Your death grieves me but death l shall bring you.

May God’s avenging arm fall heavily upon her. Heavens, who is that? Yet my thoughts have continually been focused on you. I allowed myself to be misled by the King. This is a wedding day. Your only interest is the throne. Oh, what a terrible abyss I have drawn you into. To me you are Anne, only Anne.

Beside me on the throne sit suspicion and terror! Go and fetch the prisoners from their cells. Yet my thoughts have continually been focused on you.

My heart is pounding. What a gloomy sound is that? Mozart Requiem Sir Colin Davis multisubs. And if it is true, a no less terrible law will catch her and involve her daughter too in ruin. So expert in treachery already, boy?


She considered a low-born page more worthy of her love.

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The melancholy moon is beautiful in its pallor. This is a wedding day.

Some strange, restless agitation has robbed me of my peace for some days. This dear picture eglish her which I stole must be replaced before my daring is discovered. The place is deserted. But tortured by remorse, and wretched. What doubts arise within me! But do not believe, guilty pair, that I will ever contradict you.

She gave me a heart that was not hers to give. From your earliest years you were mine and you know it. Take me back to the lovely castle where I was born, to the green plane trees and the quiet river that still murmurs our sighs.

Ah, l dare not pursue what they are; my heavy heart will not permit it. May it not be darkened for me when the sun sets in the heavens.

Her ladies are boleha their business elsewhere.


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You must live, l beg you, you who are less wretched and less sad. Go, unhappy girl, and take Boleyn’s pardon with you.

The only hope for these wretched souls lies in the King’s clemency. And l was responsible for his entlish Go back and tell him that l refuse his shameful offer. Fate, which pursues you, leaves you no other means of escape. Listen to me; I command it. You do not realize And doesn’t the King hate you?

Someone will hear you. And my good name.

O love, make me deaf to remorse or stifle yourself in my breast. So you are his wife! Henry’s volatile heart burns with a new love.