Got three stars — Same as the video on top, Send the yellow bird to the right side and making sure the stones fall into the pit. Use yellow bird to destroy WREATH left bottom of structure, this will pull structure down leaving the right hand structure alone. I played this level at least times yesterday until get score above k. And those two pieces can also block the stones from hitting the TNT. No matter whether I hit it with the yellow or the red bird, it wants to do everything but fall onto the stones to set off the TNT. I finally got the 1-Birder and got the last laugh on that pesky pig.

Still, it works, albeit much less reliably than two-bird methods. Either yellow bird or one of the stone blocks can slide down to TNT. I have not had the lowest left pig die for a one birder yet. No special trick really. Put Yellow Bird between pulley and rock block, through the roof … which will knock over upright blocks, exploding TNT. I know yoiu will get it too ;-.

Keep trying, there wonderhzm a one birdie and I got ! I think Rovio might be trying to teach us patience, but this is the wrong crowd for that! The biggest difference is made by the number of stones destroyed, which seems random to me. Yellow bird over top to triangle with small wheel on top, should knock it and fall and hit stone column at right, which will fall and hit TNT and take out right side.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Level 1-10 Walkthrough

However a bit of patience and k. Also, the square stone on top likes to travel as well.

If not, use Red Bird to bring down remaining structure at left. Red bird high arc into top wooden triangle with stone wheel so it falls to the right and knocks stones into tnt.

I will leave this level for a while at k until I see that one bird solution. I like it to knock the squares of that tiny wall down the chute or just enter the chute directly or off a bounce. No matter whether I hit it with the yellow or the red bird, it wants to do everything but fall onto the stones to set off the TNT. Exhibit Woneerham — TNT on far left — http: The stones on the edge should slowly tip over and set off the TNT.


I find on slings like this that using close up so you get a good reference point for the launch makes it a little easier to replicate. After the smoke and dust clears from the chain of explosions, you may need to use one more Red bird to pop the remaining wonnderham on the left side.

Wnoderham angle to launch YB and the time to activate him. I finally hit K, but with two birds. What I like about GC is recognizing the majority of the players in the top 25 for any given AB game because they are all well-known members of AngryBirdsNest.

I shot YB high arc into triangle, push it down slope to TNT almost everything gone exepct pigsitting down left. Potential ONE Bird solution. Trying it for 4 hours straight — only one 1-birder happened by now for a measly k. I guess I am not very lucky with the falling debris, yet I keep bidds it.

As Furfeather says, the bottom left pig can be extremely frustrating. I stop when I start shaking!

High Yellow Bird arc to crash through wood and one of the ropes holding piggie. Birvs agree — this is one of the slowest reacting levels ever. Had a few collapses after more than 30 seconds. Yellow Bird to hit pulley at top right, which seaasons into rocks and into channel, exploding dynamite.

Also, have you noticed how the same shot i. I think that the matter to figure out here is how to destroy the large arrangement of wood left of the pulley chute, I believe therein lies the solution to a high score. That seemed to jar the stones loose as well as anything. Congrats again for Top Score and good 1-110 but not too much Aloha. With the first bird, you want to send it on a low trajectory so that it hits the small square, bounces, and then hits the wreath-containing block.


Red Bird through wood block above holly wreath. Well, if you are attacking this level by trying to detonate the uppermost TNT via the chute from the far right, then it seems to make a big difference. One bird, trick is to arc the yellow bird into the pulley so it breaks through the board and still sends the blocks wodnerham the ice to explode the TNT.

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Winter Wonderham Level | AngryBirdsNest

There probably will be a one birder, will give me something to do today. Use yellow bird to destroy WREATH left bottom of structure, this will pull structure down leaving the right hand structure alone.

You may be right. Nearly 1 birded it this way three times but bottom left pig was stubborn each time. Red bird to left structure support leg, will topple and finish off the last pesky pigs. The best situation is to break that triangular piece and have yellow bird fall into the chute, and some other debris hit that stone wondefham so it falls into the trench unimpeded.

Send the bird in a steep arc to go through the hatted pig and through the vertical plank to its right.

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Winter Wonderham Level 1-11

Still working on one bird solution using this method but K plus solutions multiple times using two birds as specified. No special trick really. Seaaons prefer to take out the front with the yellow bird and then smash the red bird into the horizontal wooden plank holding the bell, which unsettles the xngry and tips over the stones into the TNT.

Hope it helps someone get a better score. I really hate this level!!!

This was how I did it, except I sent the red bird to the vertical stone block.