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Ally Sheedy relishes a nuanced TV role in ‘Single Drunk Female’ | Celebrity News

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ally Sheedy’s career includes blockbuster films such as “The Breakfast Club” and “WarGames,” an award-winning turn in the indie film “High Art” and a string of TV roles scattered over the years. year.

While Sheedy often returned to television between big-screen projects, she didn’t know how many innovative shows had joined the mainstream ranks. Then the 2020 pandemic lockdown arrived.

“I downloaded Hulu and HBO Max and Netflix and all this stuff that I never watched. I suddenly got an education on streaming platforms,” she said in an interview.

When the script for Freeform’s ‘Single Drunk Female’ came to him, Sheedy said, “It felt like a room with the kind of shows I might have watched…I suddenly realized, ‘Oh, I see why a show like this could be done.

In the dark comedy, Sheedy plays the title character’s mother Carol, Samantha (Sofia Black-D’Elia), a 20-year-old and newly recovering alcoholic. There’s no sugar coating, with characters whose vulnerabilities are on full display as Samantha is forced to return to live with her mother.

The couple’s relationship is “very fluid and messy, which is what I like,” Sheedy said during a Q&A with TV critics. “I love Sofia. So going to work every day was an absolute joy.

Black-D’Elia (“The Night Of”, “Gossip Girl”) described the mother-daughter dynamic as “complicated and funny and weird and nuanced in a way that I think any daughter with a mother can relate to and relate to. identify, and it’s really fun to do it with Ally.

The layered approach immediately drew Sheedy to the 10-episode series, which is in its first season on cable channel Freeform (10:30 p.m. EST Thursday) and on Hulu. Designer Simone Finch based it on her experience as a young woman.

Carol is “a woman of many contradictions,” Sheedy said. “She wasn’t written as some kind of quote-unquote mother or ‘mother disaster’. There were so many complexities and levels for her, and the dynamic with the daughter…was really interesting and with a lot of places she could go.

Does Sheedy see any parallels between contemporary television and independent films such as 1998’s “High Art”? In this film, Sheedy played a drug-addicted photographer in a relationship with a younger woman, winning an Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead.

“Yeah, actually,” she told The Associated Press. “There was a time, maybe extended times (until) the late 90s, when independent cinema was growing and successful.”

The films included “a lot of roles that were written for women outside the box,” she said, including writer-director Lisa Cholodenko’s “High Art.” Sheedy sees the same thing happening in the current wave of television, to the benefit of creators and viewers.

“There are so many stories that I wouldn’t just say need to be told, but are in demand by a very large audience,” she said.

Sheedy, who lives in New York, puts her experience to good use on screen and in the classroom. She is in her fourth year of teaching a film course she developed for the Department of Theater and Speech at City College of New York.

The most asked questions she receives are not related to glamor or Hollywood gossip.

“How did you find what to do on a film set? How did you know how to do this, that, or the other? “, Sheedy recounted. She says they will learn on the job, as she did, but can offer practical and artistic advice.

Sheedy also appreciates all that has changed since the start of his career. Virtual lessons during COVID required students to rely on smartphone cameras instead of the real deal, which she said was a boon to developing skills such as lighting and editing as well as acting. ‘actor.

“They really have kind of an unlimited horizon in terms of what they want to do,” Sheedy said. “They can write stuff, they can film stuff, they can post it. They can collaborate and create something and release it. It’s brand new.

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