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Alicia Vikander admits Irma Vep is her weirdest role yet | Celebrity News

Alicia Vikander’s role in “Irma Vep” is her weirdest role yet.

The 33-year-old actress plays Mira, an American movie star who travels to Paris to star in a remake of “Les Vampires,” a French film about a criminal gang in which she plays femme fatale Irma Vep. The name ‘Irma Vep’ is also an anagram of vampire and Mira begins to have trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy.

Speaking to UK magazine Harper’s Bazaar, Alicia described the HBO show as “so meta, it gets eaten”, and she can’t put it into a genre.

The ‘Tomb Raider’ star explained, “I think while I was doing it I played five roles… It’s like Chinese boxes. There is always something else going on. I think that’s the beauty of the project.

The series was directed by French filmmaker Olivier Assayas, who said he “always wanted to work” with Alicia.

Olivier explained:[I] always wanted to work with [Alicia]; it was just a matter of finding the right role. And I immediately thought of her for ‘Irma Vep’. It has all the depth, complexity and humor I needed.

Speaking of the director, Alicia added, “He’s the shyest, kindest person and everyone loves him. When you go on set, it’s always the same people he’s worked with for years. – it’s a joy to be with him and his friends, and everything is happy and sweet. And then he wrote this in a few months, with his darkness, and you say: ‘It was really in your head?’ He is an extreme observer.

The ‘Ex Machina’ star added, “I love the sense of community that independent movies give you.”