To some, he shouted in anger that he was a ‘scapegoat’ and that ‘what happened to those girls was barbaric’ and ‘unforgivable, even by God’. It was soon confirmed that they had apparently been tortured and murdered. Miriam asked her father if he would take all of the girls to the club that night, but he was sick in bed with the flu. On the day they disappeared, Miriam asked her father to take them by car to the disco, but he had flu and declined. She touches the screen to experience it physically, and from that direct contact understand the irrational appeal of violent imagery. The rise of the digital master narrative has had a tremendous impact in the way in which audiovisual media embark in their mediation of the real.

Todos los derechos reservados. Previous heavy rains softened the land, causing the corpses to appear from their improvised grave. People still visit Alcasser just to see the cemetery and take photos of the statue erected in memory of the girls. Antonio Angles was not at home when the Civil Guard appeared in search of his brother Henry. Euro Weekly News Spain. Don’t have an account? Near the bodies, police found a document with the name Enrique Angles Martins, a paranoid schizophrenic, leading them to his home where they arrested all his family and another man, named Miguel Ricart. Some reporters managed to speak to Ricart after his release, while he was on the train.

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Ministry of foreign affairs sources say the Spanish embassy in Nairobi is Please enter your name here. After being tortured for the remainder of the night, the girls were made to alcasser to a pit the men had previously dug and assaulted further. A series of screams shatter our ears.

The Curious Case of the Alcasser Girls

This involved a minute stop at Valencia bus station first thing in the morning — the nearest city to the scene of the crime 22 years ago in which the three victims, aged 14 alcasswr 15, were kidnapped, gang-raped, sexually-assaulted with large and very sharp objects, tied up and beaten — one had her arm sawn off wlcasser another had her nipple wrenched away with pliers, in both cases while they were alive and conscious — and finally forced to walk into their own common grave alcssser being shot in the head.

Canal 9, the Valencian regional channel, covered the trial daily, featuring the father of one of the teenagers and a private investigator hired by the families as their main guests. Criminologist Juan Ignacio Blanco, who wrote snuvf book on the case, which was withdrawn by the justice system, has also been sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of 7, euros; while Canal 9 has been charged with civil liability.


He uses a match-on-action cut — one of the basic principles of continuity editing — to transition between film and video footage. Sword and Scale, which debuted inmovir the underworld of criminal activity and the demented minds that perform the most despicable and unthinkable actions.

The girls decided that they would hitchhike instead, since it was a common practice in the small town. After a long-lasting search in which the frozen faces of the three smiling teenagers in a poster had become an omnipresent dnuff place in the collective consciousness of Spanish society, their bodies were found in a ditch. And Ricart says he does not want his family ‘dragged into’ the media circus his release under European human rights law has caused.

Alcasser child murderer could be out within days – Euro Weekly News Spain

By Signing up you are agreeing with our Terms and Privacy Policy. His corpse lies cut in half on the subway tracks. It was obvious that the girls had been raped, beaten, tortured and murdered.

Various religious orders in Barcelona have denied claims Ricart had approached them for help and said they have ‘no interest’ in assisting him, and that they were ‘not set up’ to deal with former prisoners. Initially she is repulsed and frightened by the images. A lady saw them get into it, but as it was dark she was unable to see the back doors.

At home, she places snufc tape in her VCR and is set to watch it.

The girls thus resorted to hitchhikingas they had done the previous summer. A message doing the rounds on WhatsApp and potentially other popular Near the bodies, police found a document with the name Enrique Angles Martins, a paranoid schizophrenic, leading them to his home where they arrested all his family and another man, Miguel Ricart.

He is purported to be currently residing at a monastery in France. In the opening scene of the film, subway officials evacuate a train crowd. You have entered an incorrect email address! The controversial trial of the two arrested suspects became a prime time showcase, even featuring gruesome pictures of the teenagers’ corpses, preceded by standard warnings to the audiences. They returned two hours later and proceeded to rape and torture the third girl.

However, in this resolution scene, under the alibi of the horror-thriller generic register, violence presents itself at its fullest before our eyes. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. She is physically and mentally shocked by the violence she has chosen to hear but simultaneously irrationally attracted to it. What happened later remains a mystery. Miguel Ricart is the only person heretofore charged regarding the event. And to others, he said he fully repented of the crime and wanted to ‘rebuild his life’, but added: This was on Friday night, and since then he is said to have been sleeping near the railway line close to the station in the Maresme area of Barcelona, with no other possessions besides the black hold-all he left prison with.


The other girls screamed while being beaten with sticks and stones almost killing them. However, the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg recently decided to partially annul the Parot Doctrine which established that time reduced from a prison sentence for good conduct should be subtracted from the total sentence, not from the year limit stated by Spanish law.

It is widely regarded as one of the darkest and spookiest cases in the accident and crime reports of Spain due to the extreme violence with which it was committed and the frightening details of the autopsies.

Sections of this page. They hitched alcasseer lift with a local man who left them at a petrol station in Picassent where they were seen getting into a white car with a Valencia registration.

Alcàsser Girls

Some reporters managed to speak to Ricart after his release, while he was on the train. Follow Euro Weekly News They continued to torture all three girls until they fell asleep, ignoring their screams of agony.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The only thing that has been proven is that police displayed an alarming amount of ineptitude in investigating this case in their need to wrap it up as quickly as possible in order for the Spanish people to put the horrific murders behind them. Pro-secession group CDR snhff roads, and While the film does indeed reject the brainless consumption of violent audiovisual, its narrative trajectory simultaneously points to the inevitability of such an act, while emphasizing the thin line that divides mass consumption of generically coded narratives of violence and its respective underworld: The full integration of film and video image links our viewing experience of Tesis with the broader spectrum of audiovisual discourses that characterized Spanish society in the mids across the different alccasser — from film to TV to underground video networks.

A man has committed suicide by jumping into an incoming train. You Might Also Like. At the disco they had some drinks with a male friend. They headed to alxasser crumbling abandoned house near a place known as La Romana, in a very isolated and mountainous area close to the Tous dam, where two of the girls were raped.

La Romana, near Pantano de Tous Valencia.