Trouble to my heart. Ai no Kusabi 4 parts. O I’m a bit confused though Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. That moment, that encounter! It’s so sad that they will only release 4 episodes I definitely have to find the novel. If anyone knows where I can find the Japanese scans for the novels and side stories, please contact me.

I just checked the old OVA Several tracks on these soundtracks contain character monologues but none of them have been translated yet. Where can I download Ai No Kusabi ova 2 ? Another question I have is whether an instrumental CD really exists. Check out what Y. BBCode Song – It’s almost that sex, but they are no children

Iason is so, so, That moment, that encounter! At this point I’m really concerned about what to expect They either want to push a huge amount of story into 1 episode or they’ll leave it unresolved. Well I hope that’s true. I’m wondering how will this process of changing Riki’s feelings from a total fear to I thought I should share this with the community and other Ai no Kusabi fans: But they should have enough time to finish the first OVA at this pace, I guess – maybe that was what hey were going for.

Check the bottom of the page for the subbed visualization. Oh, I wish there was more than one episode left. Team Four Star funny lines came to mind when Iason made his entrance at the party ‘Once you got a man inside you, you know when it his coming’ – Krillin from DBZ abridge. If they’ll decide to end that anime properly, of course. Chapters have not been translated by anyone yet. Iason has just started taking the very frist steps of getting Riki back.


This is Part 2 of the Master List.

Soundtracks, Side Stories, and Translations Aug. Have to say that it was worth waiting a month, though I wish that episodes would be longer. The 6 parts that aarinfanrasy published in the magazine were slightly reedited and assembled into one hardcover book. An audio book released on cassette??? Ai no Kusabi Episode 3 Discussion.

Ai no Kusabi – 02

It looks like he’s whispering Iason’s name. Chang said in the tweet below. The story was expanded and some parts rewritten and released as a series of 6 paperback books.

This Site Might Help You. I haven’t read the light novels but even I can’t see how they intend to wrap it up within 1 episode. Check out what Y. However, it’s not all of it and out of order. I’ve tried links from aarinfantasy but all of them are dead. Users under the age of 14 will be not be able to join this community or view its entries. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Hope we’re not gonna have to wait for the 4th OVA translation as long as the last time.


XD At least from what we saw. O I’m a bit confused though On one hand this would be very good if it was selling but since I have no idea how popular this is in Japan, it worries me that it might stay unended. I definitely have to find the novel. The subs should be available in the next few days however.

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Designed by Tiffany Chow. You can order at these websites like Rightstuf and Amazon. It’s funny that the smaller one is the “man” of their relationship. I watched the aarinfantast version of this, but I can’t see how they’ll shove all that happens into there.

I sympathize with HikaruIzumi about the fact that it is actually impossible to draw the curtain on this serie with only one episode left. I really don’t want a rushed ending. We’ll wait, we’ll see. A digitized re-release of the cassette audio book from ??? Italian dubbing official releaseFrench by yaoi-ouji.

If anyone knows where I can find the Japanese scans for the novels and side stories, please contact me.