This content is for Adult viewing only. Kulkarni, wants Sudha to be the head of the economics department but trustee Mrs. Lele informs Principal Kulkarni that the paper has been leaked and even instigates other professors against Sudha and Sharad. Sunila gets petrified as Kiran and his friends trouble her. Nishant thanks Akansha for writing an article defending him in his act of taking the signatures of the students. Sushma goes back to her own house.

Babya tells them that Jagtap was the mastermind behind the whole incident. Sushma goes back to her own house. Abhalmaya – Episode 1 – Full Episode. Yashwant and Manna interrogate Babya. Sudha once again meets the lady named Chitra. Sudhas younger sister Sushma Harshada Khanvilkar bonds very well with her daughters.

Abhalmaya – Episode 12 – Full Episode. Sushma creates a ruckus in the college. Sharad has gone out of town for a seminar and Sudha waits for him to return. Aabhalmaya Shows Abhalmaya Episode Nishant thanks Akansha for writing an article defending him in his act of taking the signatures of the students.

Abhalmaya Part I – Episode 11

Sudha feels that something is fishy as Sharad lies to her and goes out. Kiran reveals about his and Sunila’s affair to Manna when he questions him. Chitra once again visits Sudha’s house. Priti tells Veeru that her wish to take care of the house depends on his decision. Sharad tells Sudha about the fraud person named Vishwananth who is also conning Akka and asks her to advice Akka to be careful. Sharad and Sudha along with their daughters go out for a vacation. Vijay asks a loafer named Sunny Ankush Chaudhary from their college, to provide all the information about Sunila to him.


Sushma comes to know about Sunila and enquires with Vijay about it. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Vishwanath gets arrested by the police.

Abhalmaya – Episode 24 – Full Episode.

Abhalmaya (Marathi) – 11 Jun, | Watch Full Episode Online | ZEE5 | (Drama)

Abhalmaya – Episode 22 – Full Episode. This content is for Adult viewing only.

Sudha gets anxious as Sushmas boss calls her up and informs her that Sushma has been hospitalized. Sudha agrees to help Akka but also makes her realize that she should not trust such strangers easily.

Vijay informs about this to Sudha and Sharad. Sharad speaks his heart out to Sudha and proclaims that he is innocent. Sunila refuses to do any such thing.

Akka is swindled by a person who says that he has information about her long lost son. Sunila has to face a lot of criticism from one and all.

They all confront Sunila and tell her that they will expose the truth about the bet to everyone. Abhalmaya – Episode 13 – Full Episode. The story revolves around professor Sudha Joshi whose family includes her husband Sharad who is also a professor, and they have two daughters, Akansha and Anushka. Abhalmaya – Episode 3 – Full Episode.


Sudha tells Sharad that he can quit the job if he wants to. Sudha confronts Sharad after he returns but he gets furious and provides all the proofs to Sudha which indicate that he was in Nashik and not in Pune. Sudha and Sharad are still unaware about Sushma’s illness as she refuses to reveal anything to them. Sudha gets very disturbed on knowing about Chitra’s past.

Kulkarni comes to know that Professor Lele has publicized the issue to defame Sharad. The professors as well as the students, all get frustrated because of the vacation batches.

Akka takes care of Anushka and Akansha and has even brought up Sudha and Sushma. Sunila gets petrified as Kiran and his friends trouble her. Sudha and Sharad’s elder daughter Akansha gets hurt in school. Sharad speaks in a debate about marriage and extra marital affairs. Abhalmaya – Episode 6 – Full Episode.

Vishwanath comes to meet Akka but Sudha’s old neighbor Appa catches him red handed while robbing.