Enable this option if this is likely to be a problem in the area where the camera is installed. Select the channel for schedule record. The external event notification will be generated every time there is at least 1 VCA alarm active. Select channels for all C. Now the system is available for multiple language firmwares, such as English, Russian, Spanish, French, Thai language etc. Dear users, the configuration for this camera is professional, so please read the user manual carefully before using the camera.

By default, zones and lines are automatically configured to detect object presence. Right click the screen to display the Main Menu, then left click setting. Setup Click setup to enter the setup interface. Open the Password interface: Show the device in LAN through wireless Input the password to wireless 4. Using the feedback from the diagnostics, the width calibration can be fine tuned to count the correct sized objects and filter out spurious detections Counters VCAsys also supports object counting.

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions are a quick and easy way to find the answers you need, however if you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us by email or. However, in some cases, better performance can be achieved with modified parameters. If the seriees scenario requires detection of abandoned objects, select the Abandoned Objects mode, otherwise select the Moving and Stationary Objects mode Camera Shake Cancellation The camera shake cancellation function is used to improve the VCA performance nrtwork cameras that are prone to shake.


Once the settings have been successfully applied, objects in the scene are annotated with height, area, speed and classification. This instruction is written.


Using Multi More information. Objects that travel in the configured direction within the limits of the acceptance angle through a zone or over a line trigger the rule and raise an alarm. Stream Info stream info. Comments to this Manuals Your Name: The old frames are faded away to black slowly. Event not counted Solid white line: Do not drop the liquid onto the DVR device 85x order to avoid short circuit inside.

85XX Series Network DVR User Manual – PDF

An object entered alarm is raised zeries an object crosses from the outside to the inside of a detection zone. Change the user name and password to something easily remembered, and be sure nefwork keep a record of the user name and password. Click user password and key into 6 numeral numbers by mouse. IE Operating Instruction Manual.

Click right Enter into main menu: This manual is applicable. Adjust the volume of one channel.

85XX Series Network DVR User Manual

If however, you don’t know the nrtwork field of view, it can be determined from the following table, given the vertical image dimension and its focal length: The number is more, the sensitivity is easier to trigger. Enable the object tailgating rule on the selected zone by checking the Object Tailgating box in the properties inspector.

To set the alarm output when the alarm is triggered. You can also put user name if preferred. Simply right click on the tracking display window and select the Display option: Please pay attention that if there s someone is operating seriees DVR, even the menu is open, you can t set anything when remote access in IE browser.

However, this option will reduce sensitivity to genuine alarms so it is not recommended if fast light changes are not likely to be a problem Burnt-in Annotation The Burnt-in Annotation setting allows the VCA annotation to be burnt in to the raw video stream. The GNVR alerts you by popping up live video and playing sound alerts for events such as motion detection, video loss, or hard disk drive problems.


Page 67 Product, together with satisfactory evidence of your original purchase such as a legible copy of the sales docket to Uniden. Double click one recording in file list to play.

The green color block is general record; the red color block is alarm record. To use the advanced parameters click on the advanced parameters button. Keep enough space around the product for ventilation.

This manual applies to sedies iphone mobile client software; please read it carefully More information. Available rules will depend on the features available and settings applied, and may include the following: Only the administrator has authority to change the system setting.

Make sure the system date and time is the same with computer when need to remote access from outside internet. Click setting, transferring and clear to control presetting further Snap Click to snap the pictures of current channel in main screen. Select the record file you want to backup; D.