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6 Offenses Committed By TV Celebrity Gossip And News Programs According To UCC – Techjaja

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has required producers and presenters of specific programs on 12 television channels to comply with minimum broadcast standards or face regulatory penalties.

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Presenters, producers and station managers held a meeting with UCC officials at Bugolobi headquarters on Thursday, October 7, 2021 to discuss the controversial programs that have been the subject of growing complaints from members of the public. .

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Programs, which primarily broadcast celebrity gossip and news, include NBS TV’s Uncut Sabula and Uncut Kalakata, Spark TV’s Live Wire, Urban TV’s Short Circuit Sonsomola, ABS TV’s Evening Zone, Baba TV’s Poko Poko and BBS TV’s Roundabout.

Others are Dream TV’s Tik Taka Sesetura, Kingdom TV’s Kapyaki, STV’s Select E-Buzz, BTM TV’s Access, and Top TV’s Kachumbali.

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Viewers who have complained to the Commission alleging that the language, tone and statements used by presenters and their guests are often abusive, degrading, derogatory and contain unsubstantiated allegations against the various topics of their discussions.

In invitation letters sent to affected stations on October 4, 2021, UCC Ag. Executive Director Irene Kaggwa Sewankambo wrote that the Commission had “noted with concern the increasing number of complaints from different members of the public” regarding the programs. in question.

The G. The Executive Director revealed that the Complainants allege that the content disseminated through these programs violates Uganda’s Minimum Broadcast Standards and Communication (Content) Regulations in the following ways:

  1. That the language and statements used by presenters and guests in programs are often abusive, degrading, derogatory and contain unsubstantiated allegations against different personalities
  2. That the programs contain inaccurate, misleading and unverified content, which often defames individuals
  3. That the content of the programs often invades the privacy of individuals, contains unbalanced reporting and deprives those reported of the right of reply or the opportunity to respond to allegations made against them during the programs
  4. That the programs contain adult content, sexual innuendo and profanity, with the potential to upset and harm children
  5. That program presenters often appear on the air dressed indecently in skimpy outfits
  6. Given the adult nature of the content covered during these programs, they are not programmed appropriately. As a result, the public is not informed of the nature of the content often contained in the programs.

During the well-attended meeting, UCC officials headed by Mr. Meddie Kaggwa, Head of Multimedia, and Abudu Sallam, Head of Legal Department, noted that the Commission had decided to invite station managers , producers and broadcasters instead of owners, because the former are directly responsible for the content.

Producers and broadcasters were also informed that in a spirit of consultation and engagement, the Commission preferred to discuss the programs complained of before opting for regulatory sanctions.

The representatives of the television channel were further informed that if the alleged violations continued, the Commission would be obliged to consider suspending the offending programs or forcing those with adult content to be rescheduled at a more appropriate time.

Some TV channel executives, producers and presenters who contributed to the heated discussion argued that these were just gossip shows, which shouldn’t be taken too seriously. However, UCC officials clarified that the law requires all broadcast content to meet minimum broadcast standards.

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