Thanks for your strategy enabled me to get above average for what has been ages!!! I have just missed you the past few times you were in the BP. Cool, pleased it worked for you as well. Yep, 49K is skin of the teeth 3 stars, I just got 48K and only got 2 stars, I have work to do, I want to beat it by a bit more than 1K!! I see you at 74k as well, same method? Its a lucky chance thing I think. Im still at 75, with lvl 21, but Im still playing it just because its a fun level: Not sure if we should change your name to Jammy ; 67K without any explosions is a damn good score!

Labrege, its apot luck thing, it doesnt go off every time, but when it does it decimates the left tree and everything on and around it, Ive had it go off numerous times, but not deliberately, if you hit that pig it just dies, it does not explode, you have to kind of miss it but disturb it, like the one in 18 that gets jumped in the air when your bird explodes then goes off as it comes back to the cement shelf. None of these work with my system. The lil pig on the concrete above the tnt will often hit the balloon when catapulted by the big bird, you can take out the pig on the balloon string on the way to teh catapulting concrete slab with the big bird, try to aim to hit the end of the slab, that will launch the lil pig at the balloon and will make the big bird go through the structure taking out the big pig andmost of the pressies, if the tnt goes off too it will usually clear the pig in the very middle of the structure tiny one then take the yellow bird through the left pyramid to take out the snow under the wood there, the hatted pig explodes in this bit of the level too, so long as he rolls a little when the wood collapses. This glitch has since been fixed and thus is no longer possible. Keep at it and your reward will be great!! I can see why you asked the question, just took another look at the vid above and even though I know whats caused it, I cant see the pig go off at all, but thats what happens, trust me: Then I threw the yellow bird to hit the TNT and take out the other 2 smaller pigs. This should make the tnt fall down and explode.


Just click here to check out the walkthrough we have posted, it includes the rgeedings with the glitch that ERicJ is talking about. The score in the video is 61, Thanks kartflyer and e-star. Ok, so I was looking at the small pig with the hat on the left and it actually is the larger pig with the hat on the right side of the screen.

I guess what I am trying to say is, you are welcome. Greedins Isaac Newton would be so proud.

The score in the video is 49, You want to activate him a little before the structure so he goes through the gap at a downward angle. Too high and the bird stalls out and stops rolling too soon.

Angry Birds Seasons Seasons Greedings Level Leaderboard | AngryBirdsNest

I love the multiple videos. I keep picking up my phone and having another go at todays, will not be revisiting yesterdays though! All birds will fall onto right pig,hopefully getting your score between k. Here is my video to go along with your words!

He loves the first shot! If I can do it after a gazillion tries then so can you!! Yellow — pull him back and down to where the top of his hair is level to the top of where the strap is wrapped around the sling pole on the left.

By now, make sure all the pigs near the first tree have been eliminated 3.

Angry Birds Seasons: Christmas 3 Star Walkthrough Level 1-21

Second sstars through snow block holding the stone. Ive managed to clear it, once, but only got one star with a score of 41, My strat requires less flinging and should guarantee above average scores. Hi Kathy… Glad that my old SG brds has stood the test of time and given you a cool score… but no idea what I did now for any of these SG levels as soooo grreedings ago… my highlight of SG, the only thing I do remember clearly, was being one of the first few, but not the first, to gain the virtually impossible Eagle feather for SG, before Rovio lowered the threshold… this drove a lot of flingers insane but I enjoyed the challenge of removing Second bird up a little higher,into Tnt and only far right pig and hanging pig are left.

My guess same as 7 and and 18 or Seazons trying most of the above I finally got to the average. If the top pig remains, split the Blue bird through the snow blocks supporting it.


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Hope this may help others. Thank you but may I ask where does it land and when you mention going to left about the width of a sling strap from the base??? Finish aeasons level by launching the Yellow bird through the gap on the left side and by lofting the Blue bird into the TNT in the middle of the level.

Its exploded about 5 times for me now, each time it takes out a lot of the snow, any remaining tree trunk parts, concrete, the pressie and any pigs remaining around it, and it alwasy goes off way after the bird has stads moving, went off once after the bird had popped.

Then fire your blue birds to the final remaining pig on the far right, getting greedings many damage points as you can. Used a different method.

Thanks for the compliment! Then fire second bird through central wooded tree spine, brings down pig on top right and dynamite but most of the left hand seazons structure now cleared. Sometimes, you will get topmost pig with TnT blast pushing you up around 45k. Very difficult level without the glitch, took me about a half hour before finally getting above average.

To see which levels have the glitch, we have tagged them.

I have only managed to just squeak over 50K done 50K a couple of times now 50, is my best so far, but Im still trying! What really sucks is that this is extremely difficult now that the glitch is fixed on all the glitched stages.

Was rather pleased wiv myself when I cleared this level on the 5th go this morning, even more shocked when I saw that I got 3 stars for that first clearance! I thought I did both shots perfectly and still only got only 62K.

If it goes well, the bird rolls all the way through all presents.

They simply represent one possible way of clearing a level. But I think it was a very lucky shot…. Be on the lookout.