Ancestors of Reender Reenders

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32. Bartelt Cijerts, son of Siert Bartels and Jeijke Peters.

Bartelt married Grietje Rienders 5-3-1730 in Onderwierum.

The child from this marriage was:

16        i.  Reender Martens (christened 12-2-1736 christened in Onderwierum - died 21-8-1773 in Eenrum)

33. Grietje Rienders, daughter of Reijnder Martens and Egbertje Derks.

Grietje married Bartelt Cijerts 5-3-1730 in Onderwierum.

34. Berent Everts died before 11-6-1780.

Berent married Dietje Bruins 2-7-1721 in Eenrum. Dietje died 11-6-1780 in Eenrum.

The child from this marriage was:

17        i.  Ebelje Berends (christened 19-10-1739 christened in Eenrum - died 28-10-1814 in Eenrum)

35. Dietje Bruins, daughter of Bruin Elses and Hebeltje Mennes, died 11-6-1780 in Eenrum.

Dietje married Berent Everts 2-7-1721 in Eenrum. Berent died before 11-6-1780.

36. Sijbolt Derks, son of Derck Cornellijs and Eetske Sijbels, was buried 2-3-1754 in Stitswerd.

Sijbolt married Trijntje Doedens 18-5-1721 in Stitswerd. Trijntje died in 5-1758 in Stitswerd.

The child from this marriage was:

18        i.  Douwe Everts Sijbolts (born 24-4-1732 in Stitswerd - died before 19-4-1805)

37. Trijntje Doedens, daughter of Doede Everts and Hilje Cornelis, died in 5-1758 in Stitswerd.

Trijntje married Sijbolt Derks 18-5-1721 in Stitswerd. Sijbolt was buried 2-3-1754 in Stitswerd.

38. Sijmen Hijlles Swart, son of Hyl Sijmens De Swart and Antje Outgers, died 19-11-1763 in Eenrum.

Sijmen married Helena Magdalena Hartzema 19-12-1732 in Eenrum. Helena died 3-11-1776 in Eenrum.

The child from this marriage was:

19        i.  Antje Swart (christened 28-3-1738 christened in Eenrum - died 18-4-1805 in Eenrum)

39. Helena Magdalena Hartzema, daughter of Wijbrandus Hartsema and Cathrijna Maria Menning, died 3-11-1776 in Eenrum.

Helena married Sijmen Hijlles Swart 19-12-1732 in Eenrum. Sijmen died 19-11-1763 in Eenrum.

40. Hindrik Remts was born in Hornhuizen.

Hindrik married Welmtien Jacobs 4-4-1723 in Hornhuizen. Welmtien was born in Kloosterburen and died in 1747 in Hornhuizen.

The child from this marriage was:

20        i.  Reinder Hindriks (christened 11-1-1739 christened in Hornhuizen - died before 7-11-1826)

41. Welmtien Jacobs was born in Kloosterburen and died in 1747 in Hornhuizen.

Welmtien married Hindrik Remts 4-4-1723 in Hornhuizen. Hindrik was born in Hornhuizen.

42. Tonnis Remges, son of Remke Tonnis and Geeske Jacobs.

Tonnis married Grietje Harkes 12-5-1726 in Westernieland.

The child from this marriage was:

21        i.  Trijntje Tonnis (christened 20-11-1740 christened in Saaksumhuizen - died before 7-11-1826)

43. Grietje Harkes, daughter of Harke Jurjens and Unknown.

Grietje married Tonnis Remges 12-5-1726 in Westernieland.

44. Lambert Claassen .

Lambert married Hindrickjen Elles 9-5-1723 in Usquert.

The child from this marriage was:

22        i.  Elle Lammerts (christened 5-8-1725 christened in Middelstum)

45. Hindrickjen Elles, daughter of Elle Cornelis Kremer and Lammichjen Heijnes.

Hindrickjen married Lambert Claassen 9-5-1723 in Usquert.

46. Sebastiaen Breuels, son of Edse Broils and Epke Lamberts, was born 3-10-1695.

Sebastiaen married Hemke Ulferts 30-11-1727 in Baflo.

The child from this marriage was:

23        i.  Epke Bastiaans Broeils (christened 1-5-1735 christened in Westernieland)

Sebastiaen next married Trijntje Melles 7-6-1745 in Den Andel.

47. Hemke Ulferts, daughter of Olfert Heeres and Cornelske Berents.

Hemke married Sebastiaen Breuels 30-11-1727 in Baflo. Sebastiaen was born 3-10-1695.

48. Lue Rinnes Dijkhuis, son of Rinne Jakobs and Luiktje Pieters, died 19-2-1784 in Vierhuizen.

Lue married Hillechijn Tonkens 26-5-1748 in Vierhuizen. Hillechijn died 19-5-1792 in Vierhuizen.

The child from this marriage was:

24        i.  Renne Luies Dijkhuis (christened 25-5-1749 christened in Vierhuizen - died 20-8-1792 in Vierhuizen)

49. Hillechijn Tonkens, daughter of Willem Tonkens and Geertruijda Cleveringa, died 19-5-1792 in Vierhuizen.

Hillechijn married Lue Rinnes Dijkhuis 26-5-1748 in Vierhuizen. Lue died 19-2-1784 in Vierhuizen.

50. Helprich Clasen, son of Claas Helprichs and Geeske Jurjens, died in Vierhuizen.

Helprich married Trijntje Lammerts 2-10-1750. Trijntje died in 1761.

The child from this marriage was:

25        i.  Anje Helprichs (christened 22-2-1756 christened in Vierhuizen - died 20-1-1794 in Vierhuizen)

Helprich next married Hendrikje Fokkes. Hendrikje was born in Saaksum.

51. Trijntje Lammerts, daughter of Lammert Harms and Anje Clasen, died in 1761.

Trijntje married Harm Jacobs 4-5-1749 in Niekerk. Marriage status: ondertrouw. Harm was born in Niekerk.

Trijntje next married Helprich Clasen 2-10-1750. Helprich died in Vierhuizen.

52. Klaas Alders .

Klaas married Anje Geerts.

The child from this marriage was:

26        i.  Tobias Klaassens Bos (christened 11-3-1770 christened in Vliedorp - died between 1801 and 1815)

53. Anje Geerts .

Anje married Klaas Alders.

54. Jan Douwes died before 1787 in Leens.

Jan married Dewerke Clasen. Dewerke was born in Leens and died before 1795 in Leens.

The child from this marriage was:

27        i.  Geeske Jans Bos (born circa 1769 in Leens - died 8-3-1845 in Hornhuizen)

55. Dewerke Clasen was born in Leens and died before 1795 in Leens.

Dewerke married Jan Douwes. Jan died before 1787 in Leens.

Dewerke next married Pieter Heines 24-6-1787 in Leens.

56. Rieneke Derks Koning, son of Derk Rienekes Koning and Jantjen Willems, died in Leens.

Rieneke married Grietje Melles 12-11-1758 in Leens. Grietje died in Leens.

The child from this marriage was:

28        i.  Melle Renekes Koning (christened 9-10-1761 christened in Leens - died 8-8-1838 in Leens)

57. Grietje Melles, daughter of Melle Scheltes and Grietje Claassen, died in Leens.

Grietje married Rieneke Derks Koning 12-11-1758 in Leens. Rieneke died in Leens.

58. Jan Jans, son of Jan Jacobs and Jantien Waalkes.

Jan married Anje Jakobs 5-8-1759 in Pieterburen.

The child from this marriage was:

29        i.  Eltje Jans Van Dijk (born 25-12-1763 in Pieterburen - died 31-5-1833 in Leens)

59. Anje Jakobs, daughter of Jacob Arents and Eltie Cornelis.

Anje married Jan Jans 5-8-1759 in Pieterburen.

60. Jan Hindriks was born in Warffum.

Jan married Martje Jans 27-2-1746 in Winsum. Marriage status: ondertrouw. Martje was born in Winsum.

The child from this marriage was:

30        i.  Hendrik Jans Smit (christened 24-3-1747 christened in Winsum - died 19-9-1827 in Ulrum)

61. Martje Jans was born in Winsum.

Martje married Jan Hindriks 27-2-1746 in Winsum. Marriage status: ondertrouw. Jan was born in Warffum.

62. Jannes Roelfs was born in Groningen.

Jannes married Trijntje Berents 30-4-1746 in Oldehove. Trijntje was born in Niehove.

The child from this marriage was:

31        i.  Jantje Jans (christened 9-1-1749 christened in Oldehove - died 8-3-1811 in Ulrum)

63. Trijntje Berents was born in Niehove.

Trijntje married Jannes Roelfs 30-4-1746 in Oldehove. Jannes was born in Groningen.

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