Ancestors of Reender Reenders

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8. Berent Reenders Reenders, son of Reender Martens and Ebelje Berends, was born circa 1766 in Eenrum and died 22-9-1811 in Eenrum.

Berent married Trijntje Doewes Zwart 21-3-1794 in Eenrum. Trijntje died 21-8-1826 in Eenrum.

The child from this marriage was:

4         i.  Reender Berents Reenders (born 14-1-1801 in Eenrum - died 1-1-1875 in Eenrum)

9. Trijntje Doewes Zwart, daughter of Douwe Everts Sijbolts and Antje Swart, died 21-8-1826 in Eenrum.

Trijntje married Berent Reenders Reenders 21-3-1794 in Eenrum. Berent was born circa 1766 in Eenrum and died 22-9-1811 in Eenrum.

10. Remge Reinders, son of Reinder Hindriks and Trijntje Tonnis, died 2-2-1803 in Kloosterburen.

Remge married Trijnje Metskes 17-7-1796 in Eenrum. Trijnje was born 19-8-1773 in Den Andel and died 3-12-1799 in Eenrum.

Remge next married Hemke Elles 18-10-1801 in Kloosterburen. Hemke died 19-6-1810 in Kloosterburen.

The child from this marriage was:

5         i.  Epke Remges Zeef (christened 1-8-1802 christened in Kloosterburen - died 14-9-1897 in Leens)

11. Hemke Elles, daughter of Elle Lammerts and Epke Bastiaans Broeils, died 19-6-1810 in Kloosterburen.

Hemke married Berend Cornellis 26-5-1793 in Kloosterburen. Berend was born in Kloosterburen.

Hemke next married Remge Reinders 18-10-1801 in Kloosterburen. Remge died 2-2-1803 in Kloosterburen.

12. Luie Rennes Dijkhuis, son of Renne Luies Dijkhuis and Anje Helprichs, died 23-11-1823 in Hornhuizen.

Luie married Anje Tobias Bos 2-7-1815 in Ulrum. Anje died 10-7-1877 in Hornhuizen.

The child from this marriage was:

6         i.  Willem Luyes Dijkhuis (born 22-11-1818 in Hornhuizen - died 9-11-1887 in Hornhuizen)

13. Anje Tobias Bos, daughter of Tobias Klaassens Bos and Geeske Jans Bos, died 10-7-1877 in Hornhuizen.

Anje married Luie Rennes Dijkhuis 2-7-1815 in Ulrum. Luie died 23-11-1823 in Hornhuizen.

Anje next married Jacob Damminga. Jacob was born circa 1778 in Mensingeweer and died 5-2-1832 in Groningen.

Anje next married Hindrik Nannes Holstein 18-1-1833 in Kloosterburen. Hindrik died 23-5-1852 in Hornhuizen.

14. Jan Melles Koning, son of Melle Renekes Koning and Eltje Jans Van Dijk, was born about 1790 in Leens and died 12-5-1856 in Ulrum.

Jan married Martje Hendriks Smit 24-7-1813 in Ulrum. Martje died 28-9-1835 in Ulrum.

The child from this marriage was:

7         i.  Jantje Jans Koning (born 29-9-1824 in Ulrum - died 18-2-1854 in Zuurdijk)

15. Martje Hendriks Smit, daughter of Hendrik Jans Smit and Jantje Jans, died 28-9-1835 in Ulrum.

Martje married Jan Melles Koning 24-7-1813 in Ulrum. Jan was born about 1790 in Leens and died 12-5-1856 in Ulrum.

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